Three Random Assaults in Kaohsiung This Month|高雄鳳山區 本月連續3起隨機傷人案

A scooter rider attacked two motorists on his way to work because he thought they were being too slow. It's the third random assault case in Kaohsiung just this month.

Heavy traffic emerged in Kaohsiung during peak hours when a male scooter rider kicked another elderly rider's scooter just because he felt this elderly rider was too slow. Luckily, the elderly rider maintained his balance without falling off the scooter.

The traffic is heavy during peak hours. A lot of people are getting off work from Daliao and returning home to Kaohsiung City.

I don't think it's necessary to kick another's scooter. He should've control his temper.

The random assault by the scooter rider happened at 7:30am on the 8th at the intersection of Guangyuan Road and Zhongshan East Road in Fongshan District. Before this happened, 100 meters away from the scene, the scooter rider surnamed Huang attempted to attack a female rider surnamed Liu who was riding with her daughter.

He looked at us first then extended his left hand towards us, but I turned away. It was very scary because I was holding my kid.

He said afterwards that he was in a hurry to get to work, that's why he lost his temper.

The price for assaulting others just to get to work in time was a violation to the Social Order Maintenance Act and the attacker was fined NT$18,000. Two other random assaults also happened in the Fongshan district within this month, which involved a man using slippers to randomly attack people behind the Datong and Fongshan KRTC Metro station. Police have arrested the suspect.




機車騎士隨機傷人,發生在8號 早上7點半,鳳山區的光遠路和中山東路交叉口,而這名傷人的黃姓騎士,更在距離案發地點不到100公尺的地方,就已經作勢要攻擊,另一名載著女兒的劉姓女騎士。


高市警察局鳳山分局所長 曾富達表示:「他事後是說,是趕著上班啦,趕著上班心急,所以才一時情緒失控。」