KMT Member Says NPM Revenues Belong to KMT|全代會黨代表喊話 盼故宮收入歸國民黨

The Tsai administration's Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee froze the Kuomintang's assets and as a result the KMT has had no cash to use starting in September. One party representative said during the KMT's national congress that National Palace Museum revenues should belong to the KMT. In response to this, KMT Chair Johnny Chiang said this is a personal opinion.

During the Kuomintang's national congress on the 6th, one party representative called on party leaders to have a backbone and fight for its rights. The representative said the treasures of the National Palace Museum were brought to Taiwan by the KMT and therefore belong to the KMT, and admission revenues from the museum should belong to the KMT as well. KMT Chair Johnny Chiang says this is one person's opinion. Pan-green lawmakers, meanwhile, called the idea ludicrous.

There are many different opinions within the KMT and we are listening to all of them. (Is there a consensus on the national treasure idea?) It actually wasn't discussed at the meeting yesterday. This is purely the opinion of one individual party representative.

Parties are parties and states are states. You can't mix them up. Therefore, the idea that so-called National Palace Museum admission revenues belong to the KMT is completely ludicrous.

With all of its assets frozen by the Tsai administration's Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee, the KMT no longer has any cash on hand. Chiang must raise NT$120 million before the end of the year to fund party operations and find a new, lower-cost location for the party's headquarters.

Although it feels like there's over NT$1.1 billion (at our disposal), we actually only have access to over NT$500 million. Over NT$600 million has been frozen (by the government).

With the Democratic Progressive Party plundering the KMT's assets, we have to reconsider our current situation. Given our current financial state and ability, we can't afford this level of rent anymore.

Chiang says the party is also in the process of reforming. A cross-strait forum will be held in Xiamen on the 20th. According to reports, former Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng may head the KMT delegation.


國民黨主席 江啟臣表示:「國民黨面對這些黨內不同的意見,我們一定要多聽取。(有共識要去討國寶嗎?)昨天其實在會場,並沒有討論這件事情,這純粹是我們黨代表們,他們個人的一些意見跟看法。」

民進黨立委 陳亭妃表示:「黨就是黨,國就是國,不能混為一談。所以所謂的故宮門票,要歸為國民黨所有,這個真的是離譜到了極點。」


國民黨行管會主委 邱大展表示:「雖然我們感覺上有11億多,但是我們真正能夠用的才多少?才5億多而已,中間有6億都是被凍結的。」

國民黨主席 江啟臣表示:「國民黨黨產在民進黨的追殺底下,我們必須要做一些重新的考量。黨中央的部分,這個目前,我們也還在做規劃當中。但是以目前國民黨的財力跟財務,是絕對沒有辦法支付這麼高額的租金。」