Prague Mayor Meets with Media in Taiwan|布拉格市長臨別 歡喜自稱"台北市民"

The Prague Mayor met with the media during the last day of their visit in Taiwan to speak about his experience in Taiwan, during which, he described himself as a "Taipei citizen."

Sept. 4 was the final day of a visit by a Czech government delegation to Taiwan. Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib met with the media and spoke about his experience in Taiwan during the past several days. He said Taipei Zoo's loan of two pangolins to Prague Zoo as part of an animal exchange agreement between the two cities left a lasting impression on him.

I'm really glad that Taipei City is keeping its promises on this matter, and I think it will be something out of our cooperation that the people could directly see.

The mayor also announced that the two cities will team up for two important cultural exchanges in 2021, including a special exhibition on Czech artist Alphonse Mucha in Taipei and performances in Taipei by the Prague Philharmonia. The media asked him about the one China principle, and he responded that Beijing's threats are "completely unacceptable." Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil uttered the words "I am Taiwanese" in Chinese while addressing the legislature, and Hrib followed up with "I am a Taipei citizen," as he received a certificate of honorary citizenship during a visit to Taipei in 2019.

The certificate is hanging in my office, so if I would say I am a Taipei citizen, it would be not a political support message, but rather a description of the reality.

Prague and Taipei are sister cities, so their two mayors also made time for a meeting. Hrib said the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Prague continues to rise, and there are disease prevention lessons that can be learned from Taipei.

Taipei will donate 100,800 medical masks to the city government of Prague.

Hrib also said he discussed direct flights between Taipei and Prague with China Airlines, and invited Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je to visit Prague once the epidemic situation improves.


捷克布拉格市長 賀吉普表示:「我很開心台北市政府,信守借殖穿山甲的承諾,這是項很好的交流,因為能讓人民有直接感受。」


捷克布拉格市長 賀吉普表示:「榮譽市民證,還掛在我的辦公室裡,所以我今天站出來說,我是台北市民,這不是個政治宣言,是陳述事實。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「我們台北市,會捐贈10萬800片的醫療口罩,給布拉格的市政府。」


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