Accident Took Place at Hsinchu Kite Festival|風箏捲童意外 主辦單位:管制範圍不夠大

During the Hsinchu City International Kite Festival, a girl got tangled by a kite and was dragged into the air for close to 30 seconds. Witnesses said that the girl was brought to a height to the equivalent of a two-storage building. The hosting company of festival said that the accident could be due to a lack of crowd control. Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-chien said that he will put in a place a ban on kites that offers candies to kids. The mayor also said that he will try to find the party responsible.

A three-year old girl is dragged into the air by one of the larger kites. She is seen dangling and twirling in the air for close to 30 seconds. Fortunately, the girl eventually landed safely after the kite touched down, suffering only bruises. When the accident first took place, the crowds initially thought it was a stunt performance. But some soon found that it was not part of the program and began to seek help.

When I saw her, the wire was wrapping around her waist. It could be the wind was blowing and the wire caught her by the neck and pulled her up. She went up really high, to the equivalent of a two-storage building. I thought whatever happens I had to get to her.

Part of the program of the Hsinchu International Kite Festival consists of a bear-shaped kite spreading candies to kids from the air. However, a sudden gust of wind brought the kite into the air, and a girl was caught by the 24-meter long tail along the way. The hosting company said that its staff members did clear the area before flying the kite, however they could have underestimated the spread of the kite which caused the accident.

The accident could be caused by the inadequate crowd control on site. Our staff members, about 20-30 of them, did bar all the children from entering the field.

We will review the process and see if any part of the process was problematic. In the future, we will punish the company (behind the kite) with a fine.

In recent years, several cities such as New Taipei and Taoyuan, have been hosting kite festivals. Most of the festivals took place in open fields due to the inherent danger of large kites that fly at high speeds. After the recent accident at the Hsinchu kite festival, the city government said it will find out the party responsible and will review safety measures in an effort to prevent other accidents.


目擊者 林先生表示:「我有看到她,她其實是纏到腰的,可是風吹來的時候,就拉起來,從脖子上,拉了就上去了。差不多多…超過兩層樓以上喔,後來想說,不管怎麼樣,當下一定要去接到她。」


亞洲國際風箏聯合會秘書長 鄭可方表示:「應該是管制的範圍不夠大,這個時候,我們是有工作人員在外面,都把小朋友先圍開在後,所以我們現場大概有二、三十個維持秩序的人員。」

新竹市長 林智堅表示:「我們去檢討,在這個流程上,是否出了什麼樣的一個狀況,那我們未來,會對於這個施作的廠商,提出扣款跟罰款。」


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