Holger Chen Starts Livestream After Being Shot|網紅陳之漢遭開3槍倒地 送醫前還開直播

Internet celebrity Holger Chen was shot three times in front of his gym in New Taipei City, inflicting wounds to his right arm, right thigh, and right ankle. Incredibly, he still spoke on camera immediately after the shooting, asking everyone to take care of his family and carry on his spirit. His condition is stable after undergoing surgeries. A 23-year-old man surnamed Liu later turned himself in, who was said to have sexually harassed Chen at his gym.

Were you mad Holger Chen said he was going to sue you?

This man, surnamed Liu, shot Internet celebrity Holger Chen in his right arm, right leg and right heel as Chen was leaving a gym in Linkou early on the 28th. Chen fell to the ground and asked his assistant to start a livestream before eventually being taken to the hospital.

Everyone, please take care of my wife and kids. Please, everyone. Please, everyone. And also my mom.

Moaning and writhing on the ground, Chen asked viewers to take care of his family. Paramedics arrived shortly and transported him to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. Liu, meanwhile turned himself in. Police say Liu shot Chen over a previous harassment case and he will be charged with attempted murder.

According to what we know, the suspect surnamed Liu was harassing Holger Chen and they had an argument. Liu was upset and took a taxi to the MMA gym, where he waited for Chen to come out. He then fired three shots.

Netizens left dozens of messages on New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih's Facebook, calling for law and order.

This is my responsibility. I am getting all the facts about what happened.

In response, Hou said he is trying to find out everything he can about the situation.



網紅館長 陳之漢表示:「請大家照顧我的老婆跟小孩,拜託大家,拜託大家,還有我的媽媽。」


林口分局分局長 陳保安表示:「據了解,劉姓嫌犯,因為目前騷擾館長,口角糾紛,以至於心生不滿,在清晨搭計程車,到成吉思汗健身館前埋伏,開三槍。」


新北市長 侯友宜表示:「在責任上責無旁貸,要把事實真相釐清楚,了解背後原因。」