Michelin Announces Stars for Taipei, Taichung Restaurants|台中美食大麵羹.魚丸 獲米其林餐盤推薦

Micheline Guide Taipei and Taichung has been released, with four restaurants in central Taiwan receiving at least one star. Besides high-end restaurants, some local stands in traditional markets have also been recommended in the 2020 edition.

The golden noodles are boiled in the pot, and then red onions are added. This is a bowl of a Taichung specialty, noodles in thick soup. Many residents have eaten this their entire lives. Recently, one stand selling this specialty was recommended by the Michelin Guide and is now seeing an influx of diners.

There are some foods that invoke memories.

This is a Taichung specialty. Everyone in Taichung loves eating noodles in thick soup. It's wonderful.

People were lined up outside the stand. Other items on the menu included fried tofu and freshly roasted meat. The second-generation proprietor says the noodles in thick soup taste thick and creamy because salt is added. It has also become Taichung's representative snack.

It represents Taichung, because you can't get this in other cities and counties. It's only available in Taichung. Many people come here and want to try it out, because you can't get it elsewhere.

The proprietor says the stand has been selling food for 60 years and will soon be passed on to a third generation. They are happy to be recognized by Michelin. Taichung meatballs also made the cut. Scholars say the recommendations show that northern Taiwan is not the only place with good food and also give consumers a variety of choices.

They are promoting our local culture, conditions, customs, and food specialties.

These are foods eaten by ordinary people, so they're inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

Scholars add the recommendations are not only comprehensive, but also show breadth and an emphasis on local qualities. This in turn gives people more choices, and it is enjoyable to eat great food at affordable prices.





第二代老闆娘 葉馨鎂表示:「它是比較代表台中,因為你外縣市吃不到,只有台中市有。大家可能來台中,會想說,來試試這個味道,別的地方吃不到呀!」


高雄餐旅大學廚藝學院院長 曾裕琇表示:「可以把我們台灣,很多很棒的在地文化、風土民情跟特色料理,都可以推廣出去。」