Jeremy Lin Obtains ROC Passport|父母未棄國籍 林書豪取得中華民國護照

Former NBA player Jeremy Lin obtained a Republic of China passport at the end of July. This opens the door for Lin to play for the national team as a Chinese Taipei player in the future. Lin also recently said that his dream is to play in the Chinese Basketball Association, whether he would continue his career in China or start a new one in Taiwan remains to be seen.

We welcome Taiwanese descendants to return, we really welcome them.

Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-yung smiled as he expressed his hope that basketball player Jeremy Lin returning to Taiwan would inspire people to exercise. Lin was born in the United States and is an American citizen. His parents both immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan and have not renounced their Republic of China citizenship. Lin's father reached out to Taipei City Councilor Chung Hsiao-ping for assistance in helping Lin to obtain his ROC citizenship, and Lin was able to get a passport at the end of July.

It was always Jeremy's wish to become a Republic of China citizen, because both his parents are from Taiwan.

Both my wife and I were born in Taiwan and so we had Republic of China passports. After we moved to the United States, we had three children, and we always wanted to apply for Republic of China passports for them.

Lin, who will turn 32 on Aug. 23, was the first person of Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA. He may become a naturalized citizen in the future and have the chance to play for the national team in international sporting events. In 2019, Lin joined the Chinese Basketball Association and is currently playing for the Beijing Ducks as a foreign player on a yearly contract. Having an ROC passport, which would change his status to a Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan player, would give him greater flexibility.

Jeremy only recently finished the CBA season and returned to the U.S. He said he would let his agent handle his future, since all he wants to do is rest and become healthy again. Whether or not he will play in Taiwan will depend on what he wants or what opportunities he has.

Lin's father said his son isn't familiar with the domestic basketball association or Taiwan's international regulations, and needs some time to familiarize himself. Lin previously said it was a dream come true to play in the CBA, and it remains unknown whether he will continue his career in China or compete in international events as a Chinese Taipei player.

台北市議員 鍾小平表示:「很歡迎我們台灣之子回來,非常歡迎。」


台北市議員 鍾小平表示:「入籍中華民國,一直是書豪的心願,因為爸媽都是台灣人。」

林書豪父親 林繼明表示:「因為我跟我太太,我們都是台灣出生的,本來就有中華民國護照。去了美國之後,有三個小孩,我們一直都想幫他們申請中華民國護照。」


林書豪父親 林繼明表示:「書豪,最近他才完成CBA的賽季,回到美國,他已經講了,就是說,他這一切都會交給經紀人。他想要回去休息,讓他恢復他的身體的狀況,以後有沒有機會回來?完全是看小孩子的意願,或者是有沒有這個機會。」