Counterfeit Masks Sold to Local Pharmacy |"國家口罩隊"品牌遭盜用 藥局誤進假貨

Authorities have intensified their crack down on fraudulent face masks that claim to be made in Taiwan. A total of 140,000 pieces from China and Hong Kong have been taken off the market.

As COVID-19 continues to ravage the globe, Taiwan has also seen an increase of imported cases recently, making face masks a daily necessity. However, dishonest vendors have been found selling masks that claim to be made by the "National Mask Team" factories. A chain pharmacy also fell victim to the counterfeits. It is even harder for consumers to distinguish.

I would do some research before buying. I would buy the masks from trustworthy online platforms such as PChome or Rakuten.

I don't buy the masks online. What would I do if I bought the ones that are made in China?

To prevent fraudulent face masks from flooding the market, the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) has intensified its crackdown: After 7,350 pieces that were deceptively labelled as "made in Taiwan" were seized on the tenth; another 135,000 counterfeit masks were also discovered. A total of over 140,000 pieces made in China or Hong Kong have been taken off the market in just two days.

When we randomly tested the masks, the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of these masks which were made in China only stands at 10 percent. The low BFE means the masks cannot prevent or filter out virus and bacteria. The masks might not even have the preventative effect as those of cloth masks.

A pharmacist said as surgical masks are considered a medical device, they can only be sold by those with medical device permit license issued by local health bureaus. Consumers are advised to ensure if the package is intact, and look for complete label information such as product name and manufacturer information. Most important of all, the package should have a license number on it, which can be entered on the FDA website to verify the authenticity.




為了杜絕假口罩在市場上流竄情形,財政部關務署也進行加強查緝,10號才查獲7350片偽標產地「MADE IN TAIWAN」的口罩,11號又查到偽標口罩共315件、高達13.3萬片,兩天內已查獲超過14萬件,全都來自中國或香港,開業藥師表示,這些假口罩完全沒有正規醫用口罩的保護力,民眾其實很難用肉眼去辨識,一旦誤用會讓保護力下降,容易造成防疫破口。

開業藥師 沈采穎表示:「在臨床上的一個抽驗,大陸製的口罩,它的這個,等於說是BFE(細菌過濾效率)這個部分的,等於說它的過濾率,可能只有10%,並沒有辦法預防這個病毒,跟細菌的一個過濾,搞不好連布口罩的效果都沒有。」