Prosecutors Seek to Detain Three in Lead Scandal|含鉛中藥案 呂世明等3人遭檢方申請羈押

M. Chuang
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Taichung's Shengtang and Jiufu traditional Chinese medicine clinics have been searched following a series of lead poisoning cases among patients. Prosecutors suspect that a banned ingredient was added in the medication prescribed by them and therefore ask the local court to detain the heads of the two clinics.

Taichung prosecutors and health officials search two traditional Chinese medicine clinics and an upstream pharmaceutical company involved in the snowballing lead contamination scandal. The officials collected evidence and brought in the heads of the clinics and company for questioning. Prosecutors are seeking to detain all three.

(The three) are suspected of violating the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, falsifying documents, and doctoring records. There are of course also injury claims to be dealt with. We have applied to detain all three of them for the destruction of evidence and the likelihood of collusion.

The three are believed to have added cinnabar, a banned substance, into medicinal products. They later tried to recall the products and doctored records. The health bureau has tested 20 patients and 34 drug samples as of the 6th and says anyone with concerns should send samples to the food safety office for testing.

(Anyone with concerns) should bring samples and packaging along with their ID cards, chops and receipts to Taichung's food safety office for testing.

(Shengtang) said (it was purchasing cinnabar) for external use. I thought they were making fragrant sachets for people.

The owner of the pharmacy that Shengtang was purchasing cinnabar from says Shengtang has been buying cinnabar for two years, saying it was for fragrant sachets. The National Union of Chinese Medical Doctors' Association ROC, meanwhile, says it cannot accept the trio's actions.

They might have been trying to achieve some kind of breakthrough in treating difficult diseases, but what they did was illegal.

The union says Lu has been relieved of his union duties. The health bureau has fined Shengtang NT$500,000 and ordered the clinic to temporarily close for 60 days. Jiufu received a lesser penalty of NT$300,000 and order for closure of 30 days. The investigation is ongoing.


台中地檢署襄閱主任檢察官 林彥良表示:「(三人)涉犯藥事法,以及相關偽造文書,業務登載不實等罪嫌,當然也有傷害罪的問題,而且有湮滅罪證,和勾串證人或被告之虞(聲請羈押)。」

檢方指出, 硃砂已經是禁藥,但包括兩名醫師和藥商等三人,還是使用調劑入藥,之後又有回收禁藥,和隱匿用藥紀錄,有明顯滅證行為,因此聲請羈押。而衛生局表示從三號到六號,有20位民眾和34件檢體送驗。也呼籲如果對服用的中藥有疑慮的,可以將檢體送往食安處。

台中市衛生局醫管科長 楊惠如表示:「請備妥足夠檢驗數量的完整中藥包裝,攜帶身分證、印章、購買憑證,至台中市食品藥物安全處送驗。」



中醫師公會全國聯合會副理事長 施純全表示:「可能是為了處理某些比較困難的疾病,而使用這些藥物,想要有所突破啦!但是這些都是違法啦!」