Chinese Aircraft Pass Through Taiwan ADIZ|共機昨擾我防空識別區 空軍廣播並驅離 - 公視新聞網

Chinese Aircraft Pass Through Taiwan ADIZ|共機昨擾我防空識別區 空軍廣播並驅離

China and the United States have had repeated confrontations in the South China Sea and western Pacific Ocean recently. On Aug. 6, Chinese aircraft appeared in Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone. Shortly after, U.S. aircraft passed through the Bashi Channel.

This is the Republic of China Air Force. The Chinese Communist Party military aircraft located in Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone at an altitude of 3,000 meters, please note that you have entered our airspace and affected our flight safety. You must turn around and leave immediately.

According to military enthusiasts, Chinese military aircraft appeared in Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone at 8 a.m. on Aug. 6. The Air Force immediately made a broadcast to drive the planes away.

Shortly after at 9 a.m., military enthusiasts noticed U.S. Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft passing through the Bashi Channel. At 10 a.m., P-3C anti-submarine aircraft did the same. The previous night, E-8C command and control aircraft had passed through the channel and made four circles around the southwest ADIZ before returning to Kadena Air Base. This shows the frequency of Chinese and American appearances in the ADIZ.

We were in full control of the situation in the southwest part, and we also immediately took the necessary response, which was also extremely suitable.

The U.S. is flexing its muscles and using a combination of diplomatic and military tactics to send clear strategic signals to Beijing. Its primary objective is to maintain regional peace and stability.

Statistics compiled by military enthusiasts show that American military aircraft passed through the Bashi Channel every day in July with the exception of the 24th and 30th. There were a total of 152 sorties. The ROC Air Force warned Chinese aircraft to depart the southwest ADIZ on at least 12 occasions. Meanwhile, a Reuters article reported that the U.S. government is planning to sell at least four sophisticated SeaGuardian surveillance drones to Taiwan. The cost, including training and assistance, is about US$600 million, or NT$17.6 billion.

Traditionally, the U.S. only sells to NATO and non-NATO allies, so this shows that the relationship between Taiwan and the U.S. has deepened some more.

The Ministry of National Defense did not comment on this arms deal. Scholars say SeaGuardian drones can carry defensive missiles that defend against attacks by enemy boats. Only the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Japan, and South Korea have been allowed to purchase American-made drones.



空軍司令部政戰主任 王純雄表示:「有關於在西南部這些情況,我們除了情況能夠掌握之外,第一時間,我們也做了相對應的一些必要的,而且很適當的一些應處。」

國防資源與產業研究所長 蘇紫雲表示:「美國展現他的意志,而且外交上軍事上,一個複合的手段,向北京傳遞明確的戰略訊號。他最大的用意,就是要維持區域的穩定跟和平。」


國防資源與產業研究所長 蘇紫雲表示:「傳統上,是美國只出售給,就是北約跟非北約的盟國,所以這象徵台美之間,安全的信任關係,是又更深一層了。」