Li Calls on Opponents to Sign Anti-Corruption Affidavits|李眉蓁反貪記者會 要求對手保證不貪汙 - 公視新聞網

Li Calls on Opponents to Sign Anti-Corruption Affidavits|李眉蓁反貪記者會 要求對手保證不貪汙

Corruption has taken the center stage in the Kaohsiung City mayoral by-election. Kuomintang's Li Mei-jhen, whose father was once implicated in a bribery case, held a "clean politics" press conference, asking the other two candidates to guarantee the integrity of themselves. On the other hand, DPP's Chen Chi-mia says his opponent uses the footage of him sharing the same stage with those involved in the scandal as a smear tactic, while TPP's Wu Yi-jheng calls for the system to be overhauled.

Corruption has swept across Taiwan in recent weeks from the legislature to local elections with not only the lawmakers and candidates themselves implicated, but their family members as well. Chen Chi-mai's father has been implicated in the Sogo bribery case, while netizens are accusing Li Mei-jhen's father of corruption as well.

(My father's) case was not a corruption case. He did not take bribes. They are trying to shift the focus away from their own corruption issues. Corruption is a major social issue and Kaohsiung City mayor candidates should make their stance on corruption clear.

On the 7th, Li called on the Democratic Progressive Party to come clean about Chen's father and party lawmakers involved in the Sogo bribery case. In response, Chen called on the pan-blue camp to stop using past footage of him to slander him.

I had nothing to do with this case whatsoever, so stop using footage of me canvassing for my friend to slander me.

Taiwan People's Party candidate Wu Yi-jheng is also criticizing the DPP over all of its corruption scandals and structural issues, which led the DPP to bring up old allegations of Wu fraudulently claiming assistant fees. Wu says this was a systemic issue and the DPP should focus on comprehensively assessing its own corruption issues.

This is a systematic and judicial issue that the government failed to clarify, and leaves room for allegations of corruption. This is something they should assess, first and foremost. You can't say, and I can't say whether there was. Some people are afraid to speak up. That's not right either. Everyone should tackle this issue together.

With the mayor by-election approaching, all camps are busy firing and returning fire.


國民黨高雄市長補選候選人 李眉蓁表示:「他(父親)的案子不是貪汙,他沒有貪汙。反貪腐、挺清廉,應該跟模糊焦點,沒有關係吧!這是我們的決心,而且貪腐這件事情,現在是造成社會的動盪,我們站出來,身為高雄市長,這是最先要表態的。」


民進黨高雄市長補選候選人 陳其邁表示:「我從來跟這些案件,一點關係都沒有。所以不要用我去替同志助選,用這種畫面剪接,不當的連結影射,我覺得這就是抹黑。」


民眾黨高雄市長補選候選人 吳益政表示:「這個制度上,包括司法制度,包括我們政府有哪些制度,並沒有被做好,讓容許這麼多貪腐的空間,很大的原因是什麼,這要第一個做檢討。你也不能說,我也不知道有沒有,別人有,我都不敢講,這樣也不對,就站出來反貪腐,大家一起來檢驗。」