Seventy-one Cases of Dengue Fever in Taiwan So Far This Year|全國確診登革熱共71例 桃園市占19例最多

Taiwan has recorded 71 cases of Dengue fever so far this year through Aug. 2. Taoyuan City has the highest number among all of the municipalities and officials are proactively implementing various prevention measures and asking people to clear stagnant water sources. Over 800 workers so far have cleared 2,030 water containers. From Aug. 4 until Oct. 31, the owners of any places found containing mosquito larvae will face fines of NT$3,000 to NT$15,000.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, there have been 71 confirmed cases of Dengue fever in Taiwan so far this year through Aug. 2. Taoyuan sits atop the rankings with 19 cases primarily due to a cluster infection in Chang'an Borough.

There have been 71 cases of Dengue fever in Taiwan so far, with 19 in Taoyuan. Six of the 19 were imported and 13 were isolated domestic cases. There was only one domestic case last year, so you could say the situation is quite severe this year.

The local health bureau says various prevention measures have been launched since the first case was reported on July 21. Over 800 workers so far have cleared 2,030 water containers. The bureau reminds everyone to check water containers after rain showers and typhoons, and says the owners of containers found to contain mosquito larvae will be fined.

If you fail to clear your water containers and vector mosquitoes are found in them, you will face a fine of NT$3,000 to NT$15,000 under the Communicable Disease Control Act.

Apart from clearing containers of stagnant water, residents are also urged to answer health questionnaires truthfully and submit to prevention measures like chemical disinfection and quarantine. Those that fail to do so could face fines of NT$60,000 to NT$300,000.


桃市衛生局疾病管制科長 葉潔瑩表示:「全國登革熱病例,總共有71例,其中桃園19例,6例是境外移入,13例是本土個案。相較於去年1例本土,今年的疫情勢較為嚴峻。」

衛生局表示, 7月21號桃園確診今年首例本土登革熱個案後,展開各項登革熱防治作為,動員防疫人員824人次,清除2030個積水容器,也提醒午後雷陣雨、颱風過後,加強積水容器清除,如被查獲孳生源,依法開罰。

桃市衛生局疾病管制科長 葉潔瑩表示:「未按照規定,清除孳生源相關的容器,遭查核,查到有孳生源的病媒蚊,孑孓的這個部分,將依傳染病防治法,開罰3千到1萬5。」