Kaohsiung Mayoral By-Election to See Tactical Voting?|高市補選傳棄保操作? 李眉蓁:尊重選民

As Kaohsiung City mayoral by-election is less than two weeks away, polls have shown signs of a "golden cross" between the support ratings for Kuomintang candidate Jane Lee and Wu Yi-jheng from Taiwan People's Party. There have been reports that tactical voting may be in play to direct votes to one of them.

Jane Lee, the Kuomintang's candidate for the upcoming Kaohsiung City mayoral by-election, and Wu Yi-jheng, the Taiwan People's Party candidate, attended the groundbreaking ceremony for a traditional market on Aug. 4. Lee's father is the general manager of Kaohsiung Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Company, so she is familiar with traditional markets. Meanwhile, Wu was accompanied by Legislator Tsai Pi-ru. There are less than two weeks before the by-election, and there are reports that tactical voting may be in play.

You still have to respect the wishes of voters, even if there is tactical voting. That's why we're continuing with our campaign process and working hard.

Wu said the policy presentation on Aug. 1 shook up the election. Meanwhile, the TPP announced the results of an opinion poll it conducted. It showed that Wu's support rating rose from 7.7 percent to 11.5 percent, while Lee's support rating fell from 13.9 percent to 12.8 percent for a difference of only 1.3 percent with Wu.

The higher the number of informed people, the greater our support. I think the policy presentation on Aug. 1 brought about great changes in terms of informed people, and our support is doubling.

I think any tactical voting would be a malicious attempt to manipulate the election. It's so unfair to those who are campaigning hard.

Democratic Progressive Party candidate Chen Chi-mai is currently leading in opinion polls. On Aug. 3, he canvassed for votes in a motorcade. He sent a message to his two opponents amid rumors of tactical voting, saying residents care about who will be the best mayor, not who will be discarded and who will be retained.


國民黨高雄市長補選候選人 李眉蓁表示:「棄保,也是要尊重選民。所以我們還是按照我們的選舉步驟,繼續來努力。」


民眾黨高雄市長補選候選人 吳益政表示:「覺醒的人越多,我們票就越多。覺醒要先看到,我們這次從8/1之後,我覺得就是整個大改變,我們的民調一直在倍增。」

民進黨高雄市長補選候選人 陳其邁表示:「假如又操作棄保,我覺得,這是一個惡質的選舉操作,對努力選舉的人,是非常不公平。」