Public Twisted Our Good Intentions: Culture Minister|國際平台爭議 李永得:良善立意遭扭曲

The Ministry of Culture has slammed the brakes on the PTS international programming platform case. Minister Lee Yung-te also said during a TV interview "PTS Talks" on PTS that the list of candidates for PTS's new board of directors and supervisors will be submitted to the Executive Yuan next week.

What do you want to explain? It's hard. So, I think the best way to proceed is to temporarily hit the brakes on this.

The Ministry of Culture has hit the brakes on the PTS international programming platform. Minister Lee Yung-te says the plan came from good intentions but these intentions were twisted by the public.

It's an unconfirmed, unstable plan no matter how you look at it -- from a financial perspective or a so-called executive commissioning relationship perspective. Isn't this a violation of PTS' independence? Yes. So, I am deeply apologetic. I acknowledge that we will be much more careful in the future with anything having to do with PTS.

Lee also said the government will still go ahead with the platform and the original timetable remains in place. According to reports, General Association of Chinese Culture Vice Chair Antonio Chiang is President Tsai Ing-wen's top choice for PTS' next chair.

At the time, there were all these false rumors. This is what's called news attitude. I asked him to his face about what people were saying. He said I am completely disinterested in the PTS chair (position).

The candidate list for PTS' next board of directors and supervisors will be submitted to the Executive Yuan next week. On the 30th, the Kuomintang criticized the Tsai administration's choices.

Everyone knows the PTS chair is nominated by the PTS board. How do we now have a chair when we don't even have a board? All this evidence points to the reality that DPP officials are directly interfering with PTS appointments.

The formation of the board of directors is of course a new source of contention. We feel that legal reforms are the only way to resolve this issue.

Media Watch, meanwhile, says the Ministry of Culture made the right move because the project clearly needs to be reevaluated. PTS may still end up taking on the project down the line, but its personnel appointments could be a point of contention between ruling and opposition parties.

文化部長 李永得表示:「你要去解釋什麼?很難!所以我覺得最好的方法、最佳的方法,就是說,我們暫時終止委託的關係。」


公視"有話好說"主持人 陳信聰 vs. 文化部長 李永得表示:「 (它是一個不確定、不穩定的計畫,或者是經費來源,或者是所謂的執行委託的一個關係,這難道不是侵犯公視獨立性嗎?) 是啊,所以我非常抱歉,我坦白講,只要碰到公共電視的事情,以後我們都要非常小心。」


公視"有話好說"主持人 陳信聰 vs. 文化部長 李永得表示:「因為當時外面有在瘋傳,這個才叫做新聞的態度。我當面問他,外面有人講,是怎麼回事?他說,我根本對公共電視董事長,是沒有興趣的。」


國民黨文傳會主委 王育敏表示:「那大家都知道,公共電視,其實應該董事長人選,是由董事互推,但是董事都還沒有產生,董事長已經先出現了。那這一些證據,都指向其實民進黨的高層,都是來直接主導、介入整個公視的人事。」

媒體觀察基金會董事 邱家宜表示:「董事會的產生,當然是各方面,新的角力過程。那我們認為,要解決這個根本的問題,是要修法。」