MOE Aims to Stop Rampant Thesis Plagiarism|遏止論文抄襲.代寫歪風 教育部提8大措施

The Ministry of Education has announced eight measures to prevent thesis plagiarism and ghostwriting, including a national thesis comparison system that will be available free of charge to all universities.

Many universities have purchased thesis comparison systems to stem the trend of thesis plagiarism and ghostwriting and uphold academic integrity. National Taiwan Normal University subscribes to American online plagiarism detection service Turnitin, which primarily compares English-language theses with foreign periodicals. Every year, there are 2,000 requests for accounts to use the service, and graduating students are required to upload their theses. Meanwhile, various departments use domestic systems "Paper Plagiarism Verify System" and "Airiti Library" to check Chinese-language papers.

The first draft of a dissertation must be compared before the oral examination takes place. A second comparison is made once it is finalized and before it is submitted to the school.

Plagiarism has become a major problem in Taiwan, which shows that the oversight system is lacking. The Ministry of Education therefore announced eight quality assurance measures to stop thesis plagiarism and ghostwriting, including launching a master's degree and doctorate degree thesis comparison system in conjunction with National Central Library. Universities will be given free access. Paper Plagiarism Verify System also announced it will donate a system for the use of the general public.

There probably aren't any free comparison systems right now. This is something that we developed, so it's free. After all, the Ministry of Education should be providing public services.

The MOE is also studying the possibility of developing a public version of the donated system. Meanwhile, National Taiwan University's university librarian says the most important factor is the breadth of the comparison database.

Cooperation with the owner or content provider doesn't have to be limited to dissertations, because people may also plagiarize from other periodicals and theses. This way, we'll achieve 80 to 90 percent. It will be very difficult to reach 100 percent.

Systems must have complete databases in order to identify plagiarism. The National Central Library therefore amended provisions on dissertations to require universities to upload digital versions of theses in April and October every year, except in cases involving classified information or patents where schools can request the papers not to be made public or to be made public later.


台師大圖書館館長 柯皓仁表示:「在口試之前,這個學位論文的初稿,就必須要先比過一次,然後最後定稿,要把論文繳交到學校之前,還要再比對一次。」


教育部高教司長 朱俊彰表示:「比對系統,現在應該沒有無償啦,這是我們自己做的,所以無償,教育部,我們自己該做,這我們公共服務啊。」


台大圖書館館長 陳光華表示:「和擁有者或提供者合作,可能不見得是學位論文啦。因為抄襲,可能也會去抄其他的一些期刊論文嘛,這樣就可以達到,做到百分之八、九十吧,你說要到百分之百,很難啦。」