Netizens Notice Two Sports Voucher Winners Missing|動滋券少2張? 體育署:身分證未正確填寫

The Sports Administration has begun sending messages to inform the winners of sports vouchers, which can be used to buy sporting event tickets or sporting goods. It had planned to distribute four million copies, but eagle-eyed netizens discovered the actual number fell two short.

Notifications were sent out to the lucky winners of NT$500 sports vouchers between 10 p.m. on the 28th and 10 a.m. on the 29th. The winning numbers were announced in a livestream broadcast on the Sports Administration's website. Netizens immediately noticed only 3,999,998 winning numbers were announced when there were supposed to be four million.

The administration says two numbers were declared invalid because people failed to fill out their information correctly. Over 6.98 million people entered the raffle, which had an allocation rate of 57.2 percent. To prove the selection was random, the administration selected eight two-digit numbers as random seed numbers.

So as for these numbers, they generally can't be predicted. The 16 numbers produced after that are random seed numbers.

The names of winners were not announced at the press conference. The 6.98 million valid submissions were sorted by ID number and a computer-generated list of four million winners using the random seed numbers was produced. Those with an ID number ending in four had the lowest winning rate of 7.69 percent, while the other numbers had a winning rate of around 10 percent.

People that are assigned ID numbers ending in "4" are allowed to get a new ID number they like better if they don't want an ID number ending in 4. That's why there are fewer people with ID numbers ending in 4.

The agricultural tourism and "fun" voucher raffles had winning rates of, respectively, 96 percent and close to 70 percent. Sports voucher winners can pick up their vouchers with their ID cards starting on the 30th. Vouchers can be used between Aug. 1 and the end of the year. The winning numbers of the Hakka village vouchers, meanwhile, were announced at noon and winners will be notified starting at 5 p.m. Two million people entered the raffle, which had 140,000 winners.


少的兩張跑去哪? 體育署回應,由於中籤者所填的身分證末三碼並非0到9的數字,將會視為中籤無效。6百98萬多人想抽動滋券,中籤率只有57.2%,體育署為了證明沒有人為操控,這次採八個2位數字號碼,做為電腦抽動滋券的亂數種子。

體育署代理署長 林騰蛟表示:「所以這個數字的部分,基本上,也都是一個不可預測性,之後產生了16碼的,這個亂數種子。」


體育署代理署長 林騰蛟表示:「身分證末碼4,為4的這個民眾的部分,相對他們可以去換,(改)他們比較喜歡,這樣子的一個號碼,只要不要4,所以在母數裡面,身分證末碼為4的人數,就相對是比較少。」