Tourism Factories See Uptick from Stimulus Vouchers|觀光工廠屬性不同 振興券使用落差大

Tourism factories have started seeing an uptick in visitors since the government started distributing triple stimulus vouchers.

This tourism factory specializes in cakes and baked goods and long ago set its sights on the stimulus voucher market. Disappointingly, voucher revenues from the last two weekends only accounted for 12 percent of total revenues.

(Voucher revenues) currently account for 11.9 percent of total revenues. Most of our visitors pay with credit card or cash.

I prefer to use (my vouchers) on big-ticket items.

One visitor says he wouldn't use vouchers on low-cost goods because you can't get change. Another tourism factory in the same industrial zone in Douliu is faring better, with close to half of its weekend revenues coming from vouchers.

I've spent around NT$2,000 (of my voucher value). (What are you going to do with the rest?) Probably buy things.

In the last two weeks, the voucher usage rate has been pretty good. Voucher visitors have accounted for 40-50 percent of revenues.

The tourism factory, which makes soy sauce, is giving voucher users an additional 50 percent in value. However, visitors say commodities and household necessities come first when it comes to deciding where to use vouchers.


蛋糕觀光工廠店長 張育盈表示:「我們目前的話,如果是占營業額,是大概占11.9%,還是大多都以信用卡,或是現金的方式,會比較多一點。」



使用振興券消費者表示:「花了大約兩千(振興券),(還有要做什麼其他用途嗎?) 應該也是買東西這樣。」

醬油觀光工廠業者 曾士豐表示:「這兩禮拜下來,目前振興券在這使用率,也算還是不錯,有占到四、五成左右的營業額,都還是客人會使用振興券方式。」


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