Only One Thesis Ghostwriting Fine Issued in Seven Years| "學位授予法"論文代寫罰則 7年來只開罰1件

Plagiarism and paying someone to write the thesis are hot-button issues these days. According to Ministry of Education statistics, there have been 37 degrees revoked at 27 schools in the past four years. Around 46 percent of these cases involved plagiarism and over half of the cases were at the in-service master's programs.

The thesis ghostwriting market is alive and well, with services provided in various languages and hundreds of ghostwriting educators to choose from. The going rate for a ghostwritten thesis is NT$70,000, and one company even advertises its system, which it says can best digital plagiarism checkers.

Plagiarism checking systems have their limits. There are special or technical components. The systems are sometimes only able to catch surface similarities.

Synonyms and reversed sentence structure can be plagiarism checker loopholes. You Jung-hui says it is by no means easy to confirm whether a thesis was ghostwritten. In 2013, the Ministry of Education revised laws to fine thesis ghostwriters and their customers. In seven years, only one fine has been issued. The ministry commissioned a special investigation team this year, which so far has reviewed 60 cases and issued two fines.

Overseas (companies and websites) won't necessarily follow our laws and regulations and provide us with the personal information (on their customers). So in these instances, we will tell them that this is illegal in our country and we will ask them to remove their ads.

In the past four years, 37 degrees have been revoked by 27 schools. Of this number, 17 were due to plagiarism and over half were degrees of in-service master's programs. The Union of Private School Educators says thesis advisors also need to be held responsible.

If (thesis advisors) are paying attention, they can tell when students are defending their thesis whether they wrote their thesis themselves.

You says thesis advisors have the clearest sense of a student's abilities and knowledge, and they can't be negligent. You also says students that turn in a ghostwritten thesis should be charged with fraud to stop this trend.


全國私校工會理事長 尤榮輝表示:「比對系統,有它的限制啦!有一些專業的部分,不是說,用表面上的文字,就可以比對的出來。」


教育部高教司專門委員 王淑娟表示:「國外的廠商(網站業者),他不一定要配合我們的一些法令規定,去洩露他們(代寫廣告)的個別資訊。所以這塊,我們就是會告訴他們說,這其實在我們國家,是違法的,請他們針對這個廣告,要下架。」


全國私校工會理事長 尤榮輝表示:「口試的時候,如果他嚴格把關,從口試就可以知道,學生是不是請人代寫的。」