Kaohsiung Mayor Candidate Embroiled in Plagiarism Case|傳黨主席促李眉蓁棄學位 江:李的最後決定

According to reports, KMT Chair Johnny Chiang asked the party's Kaohsiung City mayor candidate Li Mei-jen , who is in the middle of a thesis plagiarism controversy, to give up her degree. Chiang said he did speak with her but the final decision was made by Li herself.

According to reports, Kuomintang Chair Johnny Chiang has asked the party's Kaohsiung City mayor candidate, Li Mei-jhen, to give up her degree in light of her plagiarism case. Chiang confirmed on the 23rd he has spoken with Li but she made the final decision herself.

We had a very cordial conversation about the overall election and her current state of mind. She made the final decision herself.

Li has publicly apologized, but KMT Secretary-General Lee Chien-lung has reportedly voiced concerns about Li to Chiang.

This candidate has her own opinions. I wasn't saying that she was "uncontrollable," just that she has very strong opinions. We of course respect our candidate.

Mei-jhen of course has to respond to what is happening at the right time. This is where we are right now, and we respect her.

Chiang is calling on voters to stop conjecturing and refocus on city administration. In response, Democratic Progressive Party candidate Chen Chi-mai blasted Chiang for hiding the truth and called for an explanation from Li's thesis advisor. Chiang says the party will respect the academic thesis investigation team's findings.


國民黨主席 江啟臣表示:「我們很這個心平氣和地聊一下,整個選戰的狀況,還有她目前心理的狀況。我想我們是討論,最後這個決定,還是由她來做。」


國民黨秘書長 李乾龍表示:「這個候選人,比較有自己的主見,所以我不是說,她不受控。因為她這個候選人,是滿有主見,當然我們要尊重候選人。」

國民黨主席 江啟臣表示:「眉蓁,她自己,也要自己對選戰的動態,做適時的回應。我想,總之這個事情,到目前就是這樣子處理,我想我們也尊重她。」