Complaints About YouBike 2.0 Received|YouBike2.0上路 雙北不同調衍生諸多問題

YouBike 2.0 was launched in January with a pilot program. However, since then, New Taipei City's consumer protection officer has received several complaints regarding the usage.

YouBike 2.0 was launched in January with pilot programs outside Taipei Metro's Gongguan Station and next to National Taiwan University's campus. Recently, reports were received that people were riding the bikes to locations where they couldn't be returned and had to pay a NT$350 retrieval fee. There were also complaints from people who had returned the bikes, only to find out that the bikes had been thrown into gutters and damaged and they were charged NT$9,000.

I think it's quite reasonable, because they had already said beforehand that the pilot program would be limited to this area and that the bikes couldn't be returned to docks in other places. They should know this already.

There can be more obvious reminders, such as alerts, to tell you to return the bikes to places that accept 2.0 bikes. Otherwise, NT$9,000 is really too much.

Only Taipei and Kaohsiung have YouBike 2.0 up and running. In Taipei, the pilot program only encompasses the Gongguan commercial district, so other areas don't have docks to return these bikes. Only a few of the places where YouBike 2.0 is available have signs the size of an A4 sheet of paper listing usage conditions. Consumer protection officers therefore say there is room for improvement.

We hope the operator can add more signs and announcements, including indications on the bikes themselves to inform users of the extent of the service area. With regards to compensation, I think everyone can negotiate to see if there is room for negotiation for individual cases to resolve them.

At present, the city council is still examining our budget, so we have to wait until the budget is passed to expand the number of (YouBike 2.0) locations.

Taipei City's Department of Transportation says it will ask the operator to make signs clearer. Consumer protection officers add they will get involved to mediate if the operator and consumers aren't able to reach a consensus.


民眾 朱同學表示:「我覺得滿合理啊!因為他當時就已經說好,是在這周圍先試營運,其他地方不能還,他應該本身自己要先知道。」

民眾 葉同學表示:「可能會有比較明顯的,聲音提示之類的。提醒說,你要還到2.0的車柱,要不然9千實在是太貴了。」


新北市主任消保官 王治宇表示:「希望業者能夠加強他的標示,他的告示能夠更加強,要在車身上有說明,表示說這個服務區,只有這段範圍以內。如果真的發生的話,那個(賠償)數字的方面,我想說大家再協商看看,有沒有就個案,有協商的空間,把他和解掉。」

北市交通局運輸管理科長 廖菀伶表示:「目前的部分,因為議會還在審議我們的預算,所以我們要等議會審議通過之後,再進行後面的擴站計畫。」