Demolition for Tainan Railway Project Postponed|南鐵地下化最後拆遷戶 僵持後暫緩拆 - 公視新聞網

Demolition for Tainan Railway Project Postponed|南鐵地下化最後拆遷戶 僵持後暫緩拆

The Railway Bureau has scheduled the demolition of a home belonging to a family surnamed Chen, which the last resisting homeowner, at 6 a.m. on July 23 for the Tainan Railway Underground Project. People opposed to the demolition gathered around the house which led to a standoff with the police, forcing the bureau to announce a delay of the demolition.

No to relocation! Protect our homes! Protect our homes! Fight for dignity!

Dozens of Tainan residents have gathered at this residence on Qingnian Road belonging to a family surnamed Chen. One member of the family is Chen Chih-hsiao, the spokesperson of the Anti-Tainan Railway Self-Help Association. The Chen family is the last holdout, and the Railway Bureau's Central Region Engineering Office scheduled the demolition of the Chen residence for 6 a.m. on July 23. It was set to tear down a kitchen wall to prevent the Chen family from using the room. The night before, supporters gathered at the residence, hoping to prevent the demolition the next day. At 6 a.m. on July 23, police officers began arriving, aiming to remove the protesters.

We didn't know which way they (the police officers) would charge in, so we just sat here to see how they would go about tearing down the house.

The forcible demolition of the structure located at No. 1, Alley 225, Qingnian Road, East District, Tainan City will take place today.

The Central Region Engineering Office was in charge of the demolition. The Tainan City Police Department sent 400 police officers to assist in the operation. Meanwhile, protesters pulled down iron gates and the entire atmosphere was quite tense. Chen's 90-year-old mother was very touched to see so many people working to prevent the demolition. She said she has spent the past nine years trying to preserve her home.

I'm not willing to give up this home, but the current situation is that (there's no other option).

The Railway Bureau had originally planned to send a representative into the residence to speak with Chen, but this plan was rejected. The standoff lasted one hour. At 7:20 a.m., it was announced the demolition had been postponed.

Today's demolition has been canceled to ease tensions and reduce social costs.

If the government is willing to negotiate, then it's really simple. It shouldn't use the police to communicate for it and it should revoke the demolition order. My demands are also simple. They are to preserve the residence and to preserve the residence. They'll have to find a way to overcome the technical issues, because that's not my responsibility.

The Railway Bureau and the Tainan City Government will now coordinate a new demolition date.



反南鐵東移自救會長 陳致曉表示:「我們不知道他(警察)會從哪邊攻進來?但是呢,我們就坐在這個地方,看看他們怎麼來拆這個房子?」



陳致曉90歲媽媽 陳蔡信美表示:「不想放棄這個家,但是現在情勢,也是…也是(沒有辦法)。」


鐵道局中工處主任工程司 吳志仁表示:「我們為了要減少衝突,以及衍生一些社會成本,本次拆除活動取消。」

反南鐵東移自救會長 陳致曉表示:「如果政府有意願,要進行溝通,那麼很簡單,不要用警察來溝通,先撤除強拆令。我的訴求也很簡單,就是原屋保留,就是原屋保留。至於技術上的問題,請他們自行去克服,這不是我的責任。」