Volunteer Bee Catcher Stung; Now in ICU|義消捕蜂遭虎頭蜂螫傷 加護病房治療中

On the evening of July 21, volunteer firefighters were called to Taoyuan City's Bade District to catch bees. One was stung by hornets and is now being treated in the intensive care unit.

Paramedics work on this volunteer firefighter as the ambulance heads to the hospital. The 41-year-old man, surnamed Luo, is a member of a Taoyuan City's bee and snake squad. While removing bees from a factory on the 21st, he was stung by a hornet and went into respiratory and cardiac arrest. He is now in stable condition in the ICU.

One or two (hornets) came in at the time. (He was stung) inside. They were able to take care of them. I think they fell on the floor.

After the bowling alley fire in 2015, Taoyuan decided to delegate firefighting to professional firefighters. In 2016, it formed Taiwan's first bee- and snake-catching team under the agriculture department. The 270-member team is made up of volunteers usually sent out in pairs with one person in charge of removal and the other keeping watch. According to reports, Luo's partner failed to follow standard operating procedures.

We also immediately notified all members of the bee and snake team that they must follow standard operating procedures.

The department says every member of the team has insurance and it will help Luo apply for compensation. It also says it will cover Luo's medical bill and step up safety and technical training.


工廠老闆表示:「在處理的時候,就一、兩隻跑進來這樣子。抓的那個沒事, 是裡面這個有事。後來他們也處理掉了,好像掉在地上了。」


桃園市農業局林務科長 傅瀅濱表示:「我們也立刻通知,所有的捕蜂捉蛇大隊,要轉知通令所有的人,要依照規定著裝執勤。」


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