Popular Tainan Photo Spot Fraught with Danger|網美打卡熱點成危樓 屋主掛布條警示

An abandoned townhouse in Tainan City's Sinhua District is almost entirely covered in vines. It has become a popular photo spot. Due to safety considerations, the owner has hung up a "Do Not Enter" banner and police say trespassers will be prosecuted for unlawful entry.

This vine-covered townhouse in Tainan's Jiaokeng Borough looks like something out of a fairy tale and is a popular photo spot for netizens. Many of them ignore the "dangerous building" sign outside and head inside without a second thought.

Yeah, I'm just talking pictures outside. (Do you want to go inside?) Not particularly. It's a dangerous building.

If you're not paying attention, you might trip and fall. (And there are no railings). Yeah, none. It's better just to take pictures outside and resist the temptation to climb up there.

The owner says she'd planned on living in the townhouse when it was being built 40-plus years ago, but it was never finished. The townhouse has no railings and the foundation has collapsed in recent years. The owner says even getting close to the townhouse may be dangerous and both she and the township office warn tourists not to go inside.

We've made it as clear as we can, right? If they want to go inside, we can't stop them. If they do go inside, they'll see there's not much to see. I don't think it happens that often. (They should resist the temptation to inside.) Right, resist the temptation to go inside.

During recent earthquakes, some cars were damaged. There were no injuries, but (the townhouse) has structural safety issues. Tourists should be careful.

Police say apart from safety considerations, the townhouse is private property and trespassers may face prosecution.


民眾表示:「對啊!就在外面拍照。(會不會想進去?) 還好耶,因為它是危樓。」



屋主 林阿嬤表示:「我們就已經寫很明白了,對不對!人家要跑進去,我們也是阻止不了,要看,就看一看就好,之後就不會想看了,我看不會常有這種狀況。(盡量不要進去?) 對啦!盡量不要進去。」

新化區長 吳金喜表示:「地震時,有一些車輛被壓住,沒有造成人員傷亡,但是有結構安全問題,遊客還是要小心。」