Chen Chu Will Head Control Yuan as President|監院人事同意權 陳菊過門檻任監察院長

Clashes have erupted once again as the Legislative Yuan is scheduled to vote on the nominees for the Control Yuan on July 17. Trying to stop the voting process, the Kuomintang Caucus entered the chamber after the session began, pushed down the voting booth, and grappled with the legislators of the Democratic Progressive Party. However, DPP legislators have managed to finish the voting process at a corner of the assembly hall. The nomination of Chen Chu has been forced through after receiving 65 yes votes.

Opposition parties had engaged in blood shed confrontation a day before the Legislative Yuan was scheduled to vote on the nominations for the Control Yuan with the President of Legislative Yuan Yu Shyi-kun passing DPP caucus's motion, stopping the interpellation and proceeding with the voting on the nominees on the 17th. The KMT caucus arrived at the assembly hall by 8:40am on the 17th to bring forward evidence of DPP Legislator Chen Ying been absent from the Legislative session the day before and suspected her of ballot rigging. The TPP caucus also criticized the voting process is flawed and injustice and that they will request constitutional interpretation if necessary.

There is clear evidence and witness to show the voting today is invalid. Therefore we propose to stop the voting process. The vote is invalid and the review hasn't been completed.

The ballot cards that the legislators use to vote on the deliberations were collected by the staffs. But the people doesn't match the names on the card when they tried to vote by inserting the cards to ring the bell.

Before the legislative session began, the KMT caucus entered the assembly hall at 8:54am while shouted "ballot rigging, review invalid" as they held the slogans in their hands trying to stop the voting process.

The Legislative Speaker Yu Shyi-kun announced the start of voting process at 9:12am and requested the staffs to set up the voting booth amidst the KMT's protest. KMT legislators then obstructed the staffs from entering and began to push over the ballot box and torn down the voting booth.

In the meantime, the two opposition parties once again engaged in physical conflicts with DPP legislator Wu Ping-jui and KMT legislator Lu Ming-che throwing punches at each other. The legislators who were standing beside the two hurried to break them apart.

KMT legislators grabbed and torn the ballots with force, and then threw them at the Speaker's podium. DPP legislator saved a ballot box from being damaged by the KMT caucus and put inside a small room at the left side of the assembly hall. The DPP legislators ignored protest by their KMT counterparts and proceeded with the voting process at the left side of the assembly hall while other people continued to stop the KMT from obstructing the process.

KMT continued to amass the public by urging them to surround the Legislative Yuan. 700 police forces from the Taipei City were dispatched to the scene. Former legislator Lee Yan-hsiu was also with the crowds and shouted slogans while riding on a jeep. Protesters were trying to get inside the legislative building by crossing the barricade but were all stopped by the police.


國民黨團總召 林為洲表示:「已經有明確的證據、證人了,今天的投票無效。所以我們主張,停止投票,投票也無效,審查會還沒完成啊。」

立法院台灣民眾黨團總召 賴香伶表示:「很多人的卡,好像被收走之後,重插之後,跟原來的地方,跟按鈴表決的這個方式,也不太一致。」