Two Taipei City Officials Questioned over Bribery|公務員涉索賄清廉破功? 柯:中高階沒問題

After several people died in a fire at a Taipei KTV in April, two Taipei City functionaries were called in for questioning on allegations of soliciting bribes when outsourcing fire safety related checks. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je however, said he is confident that there are no corruption problems within his high-level staff.

On July 16, Taipei City Government Secretary-General Hsueh Chun-ming retired and Deputy Secretary-General Chen Chih-ming was promoted to fill the vacancy. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the ceremony and praised the conduct of both Hsueh and Chen. A day earlier, two basic-level Taipei City Construction Management Office functionaries were called in for questioning on allegations of soliciting bribes. Ko, who has always boasted about his uncorrupted administration, was asked to comment.

I have already ordered Deputy Mayor Pong Cheng-sheng to head the task force. Let's investigate and clarify first and then talk, because we don't know how many people were involved, which cases were involved, the role of our entrusted companies, and how much responsibility the investigatory companies hold. I am very confident that there are no issues with mid-level and high-level functionaries. However, sometimes you have to investigate low-level ones for bribery.

The Taipei City Government began inspecting KTVs after a fire erupted in one in April. In 2019, two Construction Management Office functionaries surnamed Tseng and Chou who were in charge of outsourcing the inspections of building elevator facilities secretly hired an assistant and solicited monthly bribes of NT$15,000 from three companies. They were questioned on July 15, after which Chou was released on NT$100,000 bail and Tseng was detained. Ko has ordered an internal investigation.

In related news, the stance of Ko's Taiwan People's Party on the confirmation hearings of Control Yuan nominees has been repeatedly questioned. Ko said his party is standing on the right side.

We advocate the abolishment of the Examination Yuan and the Control Yuan, but we do not advocate the destruction of public property. I actually think we're doing a great job. We're not standing on the wrong side. In principle, procedures will be followed, and what should be examined will be examined. This is exactly what the Democratic Progressive Party wants, a direct vote.

The vote will be held on July 17. The Kuomintang currently has control of the podium in the legislature, so the examination procedures have not been completed. Ko said this is exactly what the DPP wants.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「這個我已經指定,彭振聲副市長,當專案小組負責人。很多事是這樣,先調查清楚再講,因為到底有多少人涉案?涉什麼案?到底是被我們委託的公司,那個做為檢查公司有多少責任?我是相當有自信,中、高階的不會有問題,但是那低階的,有時候還是要去查賄什麼。」



台北市長 柯文哲表示:「我們主張廢考、監兩院,但我們不會主張破壞公物,我倒覺得我們做得很好。每個議題,我們難道有站錯邊嗎?沒有啊!原則上,還是照程序走,該審查還是審查,(對)民進黨來講也正中下懷,就直接投票。」