Lunch Fees, Uniform Costs Cannot be Paid by Stimulus Vouchers|午餐.制服等代收代辦費 不在3倍券使用範圍

While the Triple Stimulus Vouchers can be used in a variety of places including paying for the miscellaneous fees for schools, lunch fees and uniform costs are not included, which caused a lot of confusion.

Taking her two sons who are in elementary school to the Post Office, Ms. Chang only spent a few minutes before collecting her Triple Stimulus Vouchers.

Other than buying cigarettes, we can use the vouchers to buy just about anything. That's what the News said. I was thinking about spending it all at once.

The Triple Stimulus Vouchers could be used in a variety of places, but a lot of people didn't know that the vouchers could be used to pay for miscellaneous fees for schools, kindergarten tuition fees, and tutoring fees.

The vouchers are to be used anyways and we have to pay the miscellaneous fees as well. It's quite nice to be able to pay the fees with the triple stimulus vouchers.

However, some parents have posted on Facebook that their payment couldn't go through when they tried to pay their miscellaneous fees at the convenience stores. The reason being that the lunch and uniform fees included in the miscellaneous fees, are of collection charges, which are not applicable in this case. Some parents responded to the Facebook post saying that the Bank of Taiwan has also refused to take the vouchers. The Ministry of Economics said the easiest and the most convenient way to pay for the fees, is to pay the school with the actual vouchers. A Junior High School principal criticized, however, that the government can't even apprehend the cost for the follow-up verifications.

The schools are not accepting cash in order to avoid counterfeits. The school does not have professionals who are able to identify the real triple stimulus vouchers from the fake ones. We have already been using electronic payment methods at the school for convenience. Now the stimulus vouchers are being treated as cash, we are forced to accept cash-like payments that are really not cash. It seems like we are moving backwards.

Principal Hung said the Triple Stimulus Vouchers are intended to boost consumption, and using it to pay for miscellaneous fees doesn't align with this goal. He also said that the government seems to have failed to consider the potential execution problems, which is a pity.


家長 張小姐表示:「除了香菸不可以買以外,其他都可以啊。它(新聞)是這樣說的,拿到的時候,就想買一些一次性用完的那種。」


家長 闕先生表示:「反正都是要用的嘛!本來就是要繳(學雜費)的啊,用三倍券就可以繳也不錯啊。」


北市大安國中校長 洪錫璿表示:「為了要避免這個現金去收現金,造成還有假鈔等等的問題,學校也沒那麼多專業人員(辨識三倍券)。其實早就用金融支付,來讓這個事情變得比較便利,現在它現在變成把現金,這個變成好像讓我們又回到類似收現金,又不是現金這件事情,是不是又開倒車。」