TW Movies Promoted to Encourage Movie-Goers |防疫鬆綁戲院人潮仍稀 片商為國片造勢

Many Taiwanese movies have delayed their release due to the coronavirus pandemic. Movie theaters, film studios, and distributors have formed an alliance to bring movie lovers back into cinemas.

In Taiwanese black comedy "Get the Hell Out", lawmakers become zombies and the Legislative Yuan is turned into a zombie paradise. It is a satire to reflect the chaos in the Congress in real life. The movie was set to release in April, but has been put off until August due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, many Taiwanese movies were forced to delay their debuts. As the pandemic begin to ease and restrictions begin to be lifted, theaters and publishers have formed the "Taiwanese Movies Take-off Alliance", aiming at turning the situation around in the later half of 2020.

The public would choose to make consumption in dining or shopping during the post-pandemic era. As for the movies, the content is of the utmost importance in attracting audiences. We have started in the beginning of July to promote the movie "Leaving Virginia", hoping to attract more movie-goers into the theaters with more Taiwanese movies.

In the latter half of 2020, at least 22 Taiwanese movies will be released. It is estimated before April of 2021, 4 to 5 Taiwanese movies will be shown in movie theaters every month. The Alliance's "Taiwanese Movies Take-Off Plan" is hosting a large-scale campaign for these 22 movies in the morning of the 14th. Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te, attended the event and reminded movie-goers to register for the "Arts Fun Voucher" and use it to watch movies in theaters.

Two million copies of Art Fun Vouchers worth NT$600 each will be issued, which could be used to watch 2.5 movies. We look forward to having movie-goers come back to theaters and enjoy. Let's all occupy the movie theaters. How does that sound to you?

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed or caused the cancellation of the screening of mainstream Hollywood movies, which some think could be a new chance for Taiwanese movies. Theater operators look forward to seeing the Taiwanese movies to make its mark in this pandemic and stand up to Western films as equals. Some movie crews, on the other hand, think people are reluctant to go to the movie theaters. Whether the Taiwanese movies will be box office hits is yet to be observed.


台灣電影起飛大聯盟執委代表 吳明憲表示:「民眾對於疫情過後,他的消費選擇,當然還是先以譬如說:聚餐、買東西為主。戲院的部分,當然還是要看映演的內容,所以我們從七月初開始,推出第一部國片"破處"之後,我相信後面有很多很多國片,會吸引民眾進來。」


文化部長 李永得表示:「發行兩百萬份(藝fun券),每一份600塊,剛好可以看兩部半的電影。我們非常期待,我們所有影迷、觀眾朋友,展開報復性,來攻占電影院,大家說好不好?」


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