KMT Continues with Podium Occupation|藍委今續占議場 抗議動用警察阻立委

A scuffle broke out at the legislature on July 14 over the Control Yuan confirmation hearings. One day later, the Kuomintang continued occupying the podium and protested the use of police officers to obstruct legislators. Meanwhile, Democratic Progressive Party caucus whip Ker Chien-ming called for communication.

A scuffle broke out at the legislature on July 14 over the Control Yuan confirmation hearings. The Kuomintang secured the podium, and stayed there overnight to continue its boycott of the hearings on July 15. The Democratic Progressive Party convened its caucus but did not try to clear the chamber.

I entered at 6 a.m. to chat with them (KMT legislators). The cross-party conflict has already reached a critical point. Everyone needs to be calm during these two days and reflect on the problems.

The KMT held a press conference to protest the presence of over 1,000 police officers inside the legislature on July 14 to escort Control Yuan presidential nominee Chen Chu. It said this was unprecedented, and the police even obstructed legislators from entering the chamber. The KMT criticized the Legislative Yuan for using police force again after 30 years.

Legislative Yuan president, why did you use the police to protect an ordinary citizen and prevent legislators from entering?

Any accusation about the legislature using the police is utter nonsense. The Democratic Progressive Party would not accept that in the chamber. There won't be an end to this if you insist on recruiting assistants.

The DPP accused KMT lawmakers of recruiting their assistants to fight in the scuffle. The KMT responded that perhaps the assistants had inadvertently been pushed into the scuffle in the chaos. If the DPP provides clear evidence that the assistants had acted wrongly, then the party caucus would be willing to take the responsibility. Meanwhile, DPP Legislator Fan Yun accused KMT Legislator Chen Hsueh-sheng of sexual harassment.

He said he won't reflect on his behavior and attacked the other party's motives. Worst of all, he told me to look in a mirror.

This was unavoidable given the situation of the scuffle. I always say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

The KMT intends to occupy the podium until July 17. DPP whip Ker Chien-ming said a showdown is inevitable and urged the KMT not to resist the review and for all caucuses to stop before going too far.


立法院民進黨團總召 柯建銘表示:「早上6點鐘,我有進來跟他們(藍委)聊天。朝野衝突,已經到一個臨界點,這兩天,大家更應該冷靜,來思考一些問題。」


立法院國民黨團總召 林為洲表示:「立法院長,你是怎麼樣動用警察權,保護一個平民,阻擋立法委員接近?」

立法院民進黨團幹事長 鄭運鵬表示:「控訴什麼,立法院動用警察權?亂講一通,議事場裡面,民進黨也不會接受警察權進來。衝突沒辦法避免,你如果加入助理的話,以後沒完沒了。」


民進黨立委 范雲表示:「他就是說,不反省自己,那卻攻擊對方的動機,包含叫我…最嚴重是叫我照照鏡子。」

國民黨立委 陳玉珍表示:「不可避免的這個肢體衝突,這沒有辦法避免啊!我說,進廚房不要怕熱。」


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