Candidate Numbers Drawn for Kaohsiung By-election|高市長補選 陳其邁1號 吳益政2號 李眉蓁3號

The three candidates drew their election numbers one month before the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election takes place. DPP's Chen Chi-mai drew the number "1," while Taiwan People's Party candidate Wu Yi-jheng drew the number "2," and Kuomintang candidate Jane Lee drew the number "3."

The three candidates for the Kaohsiung City mayoral by-election exchange greetings and shake hands before the draw for candidate numbers takes place. Kuomintang candidate Jane Lee, accompanied by KMT Chairperson Johnny Chiang and former New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu, was the first to arrive but drew last and ended up with the number "3." She was happy with the outcome, saying the hand gesture to express the number three is cute.

You never know what will happen in elections, and we will strive to get the support of young people. That's what we're working on right now. We have 30 days left, and I will use these 30 days to work to get the support of young people.

Meanwhile, several Democratic Progressive Party legislators and city councilors awaited the arrival of their candidate Chen Chi-mai. When he picked the number "1," someone shouted "my number one mayor!" and applause could also be heard.

I will work hard to become the number one mayor. I'll be number one in resolving problems and administrating, and I'll also have the number one approval rating.

Taiwan People's Party candidate Wu Yi-jheng attended the draw with only his assistant. He received the number "2," flashed a peace sign, and shouted out his slogan.

Sunny economy, salary increases. In the next 30 days, we will communicate with Kaohsiung residents to determine how we can raise salaries and make this city more innovative. This is our most important task.

The candidates intended to campaign after the draw, but Chen canceled his itinerary due to rain. Instead, he inspected a detention basin. Lee and Wu canvassed the streets as scheduled.


國民黨高雄市長補選候選人 李眉蓁表示:「選舉就是一個風向,未來我們在這段時間,會爭取年輕人的認同,現在就是我們努力的地方。還有三十幾天的空間,我一定會利用這三十幾天,趕快來爭取年輕人,來支持李眉蓁。」


民進黨高雄市長補選候選人 陳其邁表示:「我會努力打拚,做一個第一名的市長,不管在解決問題第一名、上工施政第一名,也會以施政滿意度第一名,來自我期許。」


民眾黨高雄市長補選候選人 吳益政表示:「陽光經濟、高雄加薪,未來三十天,我們會跟高雄人對話,怎麼想盡辦法,讓我們高雄人都能夠薪水加薪,符合我們整個未來創新的城市,這是我們最重要的工作。」