Over Half of Jr. High Students Saw Porn Before Age of 13|過半國中生表示 13歲前首次接觸情色媒體

A record 5.7 percent of junior high school students have had sex, according to an official survey. Among them, almost 40 percent don't use birth control, which is also a 10-year high.

According to a recent Health Promotion Administration survey of 13- to 15-year-olds, 40 percent of junior high school students have seen pornographic materials and over half were 13 or younger the first time they saw porn.

Youths come across a lot of information, so on this front we hope youths can pay more attention when using relevant media.

The survey showed the percentage of sexually active junior high school students has risen from 2 percent to 5.7 percent in the last 10 years, with a record 6.2 percent of female junior high school students having had sex. In addition, close to 40 percent of sexually active junior high school students do not use birth control. This was a 10-year high.

Doctors say the consequences of premature sexual activity include unwed pregnancies and a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases, infertility and cervical cancer in girls.

Young girls at this stage are at higher risk for negative reproductive effects down the line because their fallopian tubes and vaginas are not yet mature. Their reproductive organs are at their most fragile right now, and this increases the risk of bacterial infection and damage.

Doctors say parents should spend more time with their children, keep a close eye on their social relationships, and discuss sex openly with them. The HPA says it will work with the Ministry of Education to implement sex education classes at schools, and school nurses can also provide information and answer questions.