Body of Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon Found in Park|南韓首爾市長朴元淳 失聯後已尋獲遺體

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon has been found dead in a park after a seven-hour search. While Police are still investigating cause of death, his unpopular real estate policies and allegations of sexual misconduct are being speculated as reasons.

Our administrative team will continue implementing Mayor Park Won-soon's public safety and social welfare policies seamlessly.

On the morning of the 10th, Seoul Acting Mayor Seo Jung-hyup expressed his condolences to Mayor Park Won-soon's family and asked Seoul residents to rest assured that Park's policies would remain in place. The next mayor election will be held on Apr. 7, 2021.

Park's daughter reported him missing around 5 p.m. on the 9th, saying he said some last word-sounding things around noon. He was unreachable after that. Police launched a wide-scale search and found his body in a park on the morning of the 10th.

Police conducted a large-scale, 7-hour search and found his body at 12:01 a.m. on July 10 on Bukak Mountain in Seongbuk-gu District.

Park was 64 and a social justice activist and human rights lawyer. He was elected mayor in 2011 and was the longest-serving mayor in Seoul history. Before his death, Park was regarded as a possible 2022 presidential candidate. His unpopular real estate policies as well as a secretary's recent accusations of sexual harassment could be reasons why he may have killed himself.

Further investigation is needed. We have not found any signs of foul play at this time. Police will follow proper procedure for investigating death-of-unnatural-causes cases.
Police are still investigating cause of death. Park is the first Seoul mayor to die in office. The city government will hold a five-day municipal funeral starting on the 13th.
首爾首都警察局官員崔義守Choi Ik-soo(音譯)表示,「警方進行了約7小時的大規模搜索,大約在7月10日凌晨0點01分時,他的屍體在城北區北岳山城墎路附近被發現。」