Legislators Urge Abolition of Exam Yuan|是否支持廢考監?立委要試委被提名人表態

The Legislative Yuan continued its review on Minister without Portfolio nominees of the Examination Yuan Committee. They were asked to be specific about their stance regarding the proposal to abolish the Examination Yuan. New Power Party's Chiu Hsien-chih put the nominees on the spot as none of them bothered to respond to the questionnaire the party sent out before.

After reviewing the nominees for President and Vice President of the Examination Yuan on the 8th, the Legislative Yuan continued with the review on 9 Ministers without Portfolio on the 9th. Legislators urged the nominees to clearly state their stances on the proposal to abolish both the Examination and the Control Yuan.

What's your opinion on the term "the last Examination Yuan Committee"? I agree to the saying, but I think the system is a good system which should be preserved. As for the abolishing of the actual Examination Yuan, I respect the decision of the Legislative Yuan.

The New Power Party Caucus has recently released a questionnaire for the nominees to answer but received zero responses. Caucus Whip Chiu Hsien-chih put the nominees on the spot by demanding them to answer if they have "finish their homework".

If the nominee doesn't know how to answer these 8 questions, then I seriously doubt that you can do a good job. If it is necessary, will you hand the answers over to us?

One nominee Chen Chin-sheng, is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan that showed strong support for President Tsai Ing-wen during the presidential election. His nomination is deemed by some as a reward in return for his support.

It has nothing to do with the Church. The church doesn't even know I have been nominated. I have hoped to be able to join this reform but I have never thought that I would be nominated.

Chen further said he agrees that the Examination Yuan Committee needs to be supervised and that it needs to have an evaluation system in place following legislators criticizing the Committee as having power but bear no responsibility and no one is set to supervise the body.


試委被提名人 陳錦生 vs. 民眾黨立委 蔡壁如表示:「(你們對於末代考委,這樣的一個說法的想法是什麼?) 末代考委我是認同,但是我覺得考試制度,是很好的制度,要保留。至於院在不在,這個就尊重大院的決定。」


試委被提名人 王秀紅 vs.立法院時代力量黨團總召 邱顯智表示:「(連這八題都答不出來的時候,我真的會懷疑說,到底適不適任?之後會交過來嗎?) 有必要的話。」


試委被提名人 陳錦生 vs.國民黨立委 林思銘表示:「跟教會一點關係都沒有,教會甚至不知道我被提名,以前就希望有機會,來參加這個改革,我自己沒有想到會被提名。」