Kaohsiung Firefighters Rescue Man Inside a Bathroom|高雄火警男子被救出 消防籲別躲浴室

A fire erupted at a three-story building in Kaohsiung City's Yanchao District on July 7. The Fire Bureau dispatched 20 fire trucks and 50 firefighters to the scene, and they successfully rescued a man. The bureau reminds the public to shelter in rooms with windows, but avoid bathrooms, as its plastic door could melt in the heat.

Firefighters place 57-year-old Mr. Su onto a stretcher. He had suffered smoke inhalation, but was still conscious. After a fire broke out in his residence, he hid inside a bathroom. The room quickly filled with smoke, and the plastic door melted in the heat. He was lucky the firefighters arrived when they did, because just a few more minutes in that dangerous situation could have proven fatal.

The bathroom had a plastic door, which melted from the heat. We therefore do not advise the public to shelter inside bathrooms during fires. In this case, the smoke came in after the high temperatures caused the door to melt. If the fire started inside his room, then he should have fled out of the room and gone downstairs.

A fire broke out at 5:30 p.m. on July 7 at this three-story building in Kaohsiung City's Yanchao District after a bedspread, furniture, and miscellaneous items suddenly erupted in flames. The fire was brought under control after half an hour. The owner suffered smoke inhalation while sheltering inside the bathroom.

Firefighters remind the public that soaking their bodies with water and using wet towels to cover their noses and mouths are ineffective when there is thick smoke and a fire.

The smoke mixes with the air. If you use a wet towel to cover up your nose and mouth to prevent inhaling the smoke, you're also blocking the oxygen that could save your life. You won't be able to get any oxygen if you're trying to not breathe in smoke.

Firefighters add that people shouldn't waste time they could spend fleeing to find and soak a towel. For large fires, people should never try to go through the smoke, because smoke can rise at a speed of three to five meters a second. Instead, they should shelter inside a room with a window, notify the fire department, and remain calm.


高雄市消防局第四大隊防火宣導承辦 林羿萍表示:「因為浴室的門,它是塑膠門,它遇到高溫,它會熔化。所以在火警現場,我們就是不建議,就是躲在浴室,是沒有用的。就是高溫之後,它的塑膠門熔化之後,煙還是會進去。如果它的起火點,就在他的房間裡面的話,那他的第一時間,應該就是直接逃出來,往下逃。」


高雄市消防局第四大隊防火宣導承辦 林羿萍表示:「煙,它就是跟空氣在一起。如果你要用濕毛巾掩口、鼻,你要擋住濃煙的話,那你間接的,其實擋住的,也是你可以保住你的命的氧氣,你吸不到氧氣。你要吸不到濃煙,你就會吸不到氧氣。」

除了別浪費逃生的寶貴時間去找濕毛巾,消防局也提醒,如果遇到較大火勢,千萬不要試圖穿越濃煙,因為濃煙會以每秒3到5公尺的速度上升,應該找一個有對外窗的房間來關門求生,並通報消防隊,保持冷靜 才是上策。