DPP Accuses KMT of Recruiting Gangsters for Protest|6/3抗議陳菊行動 陳柏惟.王定宇:黑衣人加入

On July 3, the Kuomintang legislative caucus protested the nomination of Chen Chu as Control Yuan president. Due to the sheer number of protestors, Taiwan Statebuilding Party Legislator Chen Po-wei and Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Wang Ting-yu claimed that there were "people wearing black t-shirts" in the midst. The accusation angered the KMT caucus, which mobilized all its lawmakers and legislative assistants to don black shirts and protest on the legislative floor.

Over 100 Kuomintang lawmakers and legislative assistants gather outside the legislature in protest. All are wearing black shirts.

On the 3rd, Taiwan Statebuilding Party lawmaker Chen Po-wei posted a photo of KMT lawmakers protesting the nomination of Chen Chu as Control Yuan president on Facebook along with the claim that there were "gangsters" among them. Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker Wang Ting-yu also posted similar photos along with the claim that the KMT recruited a large group of "unknown" protestors to make trouble at the legislature. However, the "black shirt-wearers" Chen and Wang referenced all turned out to be pan-blue legislative assistants.

We aren't bouncers outside a club, nor are we gangsters. We are wearing black shirts as a show of protest. We hope the two legislators in question can stop with their slander. They are stooping very low by slandering and bullying our assistants online. It's cowardly to slander people while hiding behind your keyboard. They're losers, honestly.

The KMT is demanding an immediate apology from Chen and Wang and called them slandering bullies hiding behind their keyboards. Instead of apologizing, Wang doubled down.

They still dare to keep doing this and using their assistants in this way? For these Kuomintang assistants to act like that, it just shows one thing: that Kuomintang legislators are deplorable, and lacking combat power. They are incompetent bosses who can't do anything more than put their assistants on the front line.

Wang says any skirmishes or obstructions anywhere inside the Legislative Yuan should be resolved through negotiation and assistants have no right to participate. He also says it was inappropriate and a violation of legislative procedure for KMT legislative assistants to take part in the protest.


國民黨團主任 沈建億表示:「我們不是酒店圍事,我們也不是黑衣人。今天穿著的黑色衣服,為了表達我們的抗議,然後我們會希望說,兩位委員不要再用抹黑。你們用你們的網路聲浪,抹黑助理,用以大欺小的方式,我們深深以為不齒。而且躲在鍵盤後面來抹黑人,坦白說,在我來看,是一個"臭俗辣"。」


民進黨立委 王定宇表示:「現在還敢站出來,用助理站到一線,這些國民黨團助理,愈這樣表現,只愈突顯一件事情,中國國民黨的立委,實在是兩光,又沒有戰力,只是把助理,推上第一線的無能慣老闆。」