Filipino National Tests Positive After Transiting in Taiwan|菲女台轉機赴港確診 研判個案在菲感染

A Filipino citizen who recently transited in Taiwan en route to Hong Kong was diagnosed with COVID-19. However, as there were no ROC nationals sitting within two rows of her on her flight and the ground crews were all wearing protective garments, no one needs to be home quarantined.

A Filipino national that transited in Taiwan en route to Hong Kong has tested positive for COVID-19. The woman, a migrant worker in her 30s, flew from Manila to Hong Kong via Taipei on the 3rd. She tested positive on the 4th. Her transit time in Taiwan was around 96 minutes.

She was probably infected four days prior. On average, it takes around four days. There is absolutely no chance she was infected while transiting in Taiwan. Therefore, she was infected before she got to Taiwan. If she flew over from the Philippines, then she was most likely infected in the Philippines.

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center says there were no ROC citizens sitting in the two rows in front of or behind the woman on the flight, and she was only in Taiwan for a short time. As the center says the woman must have been infected in the Philippines and ground crews in Taiwan wear protective garments, no one needs to be quarantined.

All ground crews are protected very well with protective goggles, gloves and masks. Therefore, overall -- we are currently following up with the flight crew and ground crew but they will not be asked to home quarantine.

Taoyuan International Airport currently serves around 300 transit passengers a day. The center says transit time is currently limited to eight hours and transit passengers must take a designated route through the airport. In addition, they are monitored when they eat and shop at the airport.


台灣感染症醫學會理事長 黃立民表示:「她的感染的時間點,應該在四天前,平均大概是四天前,絕對不是在台灣轉機的時候,被感染。所以這問題應該是在更前面,如果她是從菲律賓飛過來的話呢,那比較有可能的地點是在菲律賓。」


中央流行疫情指揮中心發言人 莊人祥表示:「整個地勤人員,事實上,他們都有非常好的保護,就是有戴護目鏡、手套跟口罩,所以整個應該是說,我們目前追蹤機組員,還有地勤人員的部分,都不會列為我們隔離的對象。」