Sightseeing Boat Carrying Drugs Overturns on Sea|高雄觀光船擬運毒 超重.海象不佳翻覆

The Coast Guard Administration together with the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior have seized 761 kilograms of drugs, which is worth NT$3 billion on a drug smuggling boat based on a tip-off. Let's take a look.

The Coast Guard Administration has received a tip-off that a boat was disguised as a fishing boat and departed from the Kaohsiung Port to pick up large quantities of drugs on international waters and would return to Pingtung later. The Coast Guard hurried to chase the boat and intercepted the so-called "sightseeing boat". However, the boat along with the drugs capsized on the sea.

We have found 761 kilograms of Amphetamine and Ketamine which are second grade and third grade drugs. If 0.25 grams of the drug is used per dose, then the whole package could affect more than 3 million people in Taiwan.

Massive amounts of second grade and third grade drugs were piled on the table, including Amphetamine and Ketamine with a total amount of 761 kilograms. The police estimated the drugs to be worth NT$3 billion in the market. The speed boat had departed from Kaohsiung on April 14 and capsized on the sea because the load was too heavy and the sea condition was adverse as it sailed towards Bashi Channel on the 18th. The boat then drifted to 3 nautical miles offshore of the Houpi Lake in Hengchun before it was found.

We received information that pointed out this boat was actually smuggling drugs. We pretended to be carrying out a rescue mission, but actually we were tracing the drugs. Not only did we intercept the drugs, we also utilized digital methods and many manpower to investigate and seize the entire drug cartel.

The Coast Guard Administration, the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior, together with the police stations in Kaohsiung and Pingtung all deployed forces to arrest 10 of the 12 suspects, who will be prosecuted and tried according to the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act. The remaining 2 suspects are on the wanted list.


海巡署第五海巡隊隊長 陳永鋒表示:「陸陸續續地,起出了761公斤的安非他命、K他命,二、三級毒品。那這個部分,如果是以一次用量是0.25公克,足足可以毒害全台300多萬人口。」


高雄地檢署襄閱主任檢察官 曾靖雅表示:「我們掌握到,它是一艘運毒的船隻,所以我們以救難之名掩護,因為主要是我們要溯源,我們不是只有查到毒品而已,運用我們數位產生的技巧,以及相關我們動用很多人力,來逐步的查獲我們整個集團。」

這次海巡署和內政部警政署,聯合高雄屏東等警局一起出動,逮捕了12名涉案人中的10人,依毒品危害防制條例偵辦,而另外2名 仍在通緝中。