Tainan Offers House as Raffle Prize to Spur Spending|南市加碼推優惠 使用三倍券可抽房屋

Following the pre-orders of the triple stimulus voucher, local governments also announced their respective additional benefits to encourage consumers to use the voucher in the city or county to boost local economy. One of the biggest prize is a two-bedroom house if you spend above a certain level in Tainan.

COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, and the government is trying to spur consumption through its triple stimulus vouchers. Many city and county governments have announced additional benefits tied to voucher spending to attract tourists. The Tainan City Government said on July 1 that people whose voucher spending reaches a certain level will be entered in a raffle to win a two-bedroom house with a parking space.

We discovered this space yesterday, so we found a basis for the city government to use its money to buy the house as the prize in our raffle. Yes, the grand prize in our raffle is a house!

Hotels are offering parallel benefits tied in to disease prevention travel. Some are hoping to spur consumption by expanding the triple stimulus voucher benefits.

We have a buy one night, get one night free plan. People who check in during weekdays may get the opportunity to stay in the presidential suite.

If you spend NT$3,000 in accommodations at our hotel, you can get NT$3,000 worth of vouchers for activities. We're also giving away food vouchers worth NT$1,000 and accommodation vouchers worth NT$1,000.

Some hotels are not participating in the disease prevention travel plan, and are only offering weekday room upgrades with the triple stimulus vouchers. One hotel that previously took part in the Tainan City Government's raffle of NT$1 million for spending one night in Tainan is using celebrities as a tool to rope in tourists.

People only have to provide receipts showing spending of at least NT$500 to get a number to win a stay at the honeymoon suite previously used by Lin Chi-ling.

Tainan's cultural and historic sites are also offering benefits. It is not the only city or county government offering benefits, as they are all competing against each other and trying to outdo each other to attract spending.


台南市長 黃偉哲表示:「昨天全面的去接觸,發現有這個空間,所以我們找出法源,也可以去,用市庫來購置房子做為抽獎。不惜重資、不惜血本,來提供抽獎最大的獎,當然是一戶房子。」


台南飯店公關經理 施孟甫表示:「我們推出住宿買一送一,可以平日入住,可以送到這個(總統套房)房間。」

高雄飯店公關經理 劉佳貞表示:「飯店這邊,也特別推出住房3,000元, 加碼送3,000元的優惠活動,另外我們還加碼,贈送了餐飲抵用券1,000元, 還有住宿抵用券1,000元。」


台南飯店公關經理 姚明瑩表示:「民眾只要憑發票,只要買500塊,就可以得到序號,就有機會抽到林志玲住過的喜房。」