Chunghwa Telecom Launches 5G Services|中華電信5G今天開台 台灣正式邁入5G世代

Chunghwa Telecom held a ceremony marking the launch of 5G services on June 30. President Tsai Ing-wen and Transportation and Communications Minister Lin Chia-lung were in attendance. The telecom also announced the rates for 5G services.

Chunghwa Telecom's 5G services have been launched!

Chunghwa Telecom held a ceremony to mark the launch of 5G services on June 30. President Tsai Ing-wen attended the ceremony, and examined a robotic arm. She said 5G is an important industry for her second term, and Taiwan has stepped into the 5G commercial field, just like other advanced countries including the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

Once 5G is available in Taiwan, we will accelerate the deployment of basic 5G infrastructure. The government will invest over NT$20 billion within the next four years and use the loosening of regulations, adjustment of technologies, and capital thresholds to activate the market and improve the development of the 5G industry ecosystem.

Chunghwa Telecom is the first 5G provider in Taiwan, and it has already announced its 5G data plans. There are two options for plans, one is contingent on buying a mobile phone and the other does not include phone purchases. Chunghwa Telecom is offering eight options priced at between NT$599 and NT$2,699 a month. The cheapest unlimited data plan is NT$1,399. Chunghwa Telecom Chairperson Hsieh Chi-mau says 5G is available in the six special municipalities, university and college campuses, and commercial districts. He estimates the current coverage rate at 17 percent, which will increase to 30 percent by year-end and 60 percent next year.

As of today, Chunghwa Telecom has already finished constructing 2,000 5G towers. We estimate we will reach 4,000 5G towers by the end of the year. We will construct over 10,000 5G towers within the next three years.

Taiwan Mobile also announced the launch of 5G services on June 30, while FarEasTone has scheduled a press conference for July 3. Taiwan Star Telecom and Asia Pacific Telecom are expected to launch 5G services in the third quarter. No one other than Chunghwa Telecom has announced data plan prices.
總統 蔡英文表示:「5G開台之後,我們會加快5G基礎建設的部署。政府會在四年之內,投入超過兩百億的資金,透過鬆綁法規、調整技術和資金的門檻,活絡市場,健全5G產業生態系的發展。」
中華電信董事長 謝繼茂表示:「今天為止,我們中華電信已經建設完成了,兩千座的5G基地台。那我們預計在今年底,我們會達到四千座5G基地台。那我們三年內,我們會建設超過一萬座的5G基地台。」
台灣之星與亞太電信 預估今年第三季開台。另外台灣之星及亞太電信,預估在今年第三季開台,不過目前除了中華電信,其他電信業者都還沒有公布確切的資費方案。