Deadly Fire in Tainan Kills 4 People|台南關廟民宅凌晨大火 祖孫三代4人喪生

A deadly fire broke out in a brick house located on Siwei Street in Tainan's Guanmiao District and killed 4 people. The two rooms in the house were connected with only one exit and no smoke alarm was installed. The house owner, one of his sons and two grandchildren died at the scene.

The eldest son of this house owner surnamed Lin was on the ground weeping over his family's deaths. At 2am on June 23, smoke was seen coming out of a brick house at the Guanmiao district. The Guanmiao fire brigade hurried to the scene after having been notified of the accident and fought the fire until 3am. However, the youngest son and two grandchildren along with the house owner died in the fire.

They were already dead at the scene when we found them.

There were six people in the house when the fire broke out, including the house owner and his wife, the house owner's wife's older sister, the youngest son of the owner along with two grandchildren. The house owner's wife and her older sister were sleeping in the living room which was closest to the front door, therefore they were able to escape in time when the accident happened. The other 4 victims were sleeping inside the bedrooms where they were suspected to be choked by the smoke and lost consciousness. The fact that fire alarms were not installed also played a part in this tragedy.

I heard pounding sounds around 3am, but not too loud.

The kids were very obedient. (Did you wake up when you heard them shout?) I thought they were fighting, I didn't know there was a fire. It is not until I got out of the bed and checked, then I saw the fire.

I heard an explosion last night. (There was an explosion?) It was a very loud explosion, then I got out of the house very quickly. (Then the fire broke out when you ran out?) Yes.

The eldest son said the brick house has been around for 70 years and an air conditioner was recently installed. He suspected the wiring system was timeworn but wasn't sure if it was the cause of the fire. The grandchildren were brother and sister in 5th grade and 3rd grade respectively in a nearby elementary school. The school said they were obedient kids at school and didn't expect the fire would take their lives. The school is initiating psychological counseling programs for the students.

(The deceased) student had a well-rounded performances at school, including her studies. She does everything accordingly, even the stuff that teachers asked her to do.

Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che was at the fire scene to instruct related departments to fully assist in arrangements for the funeral and provide social assistance. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


台南市消防局第五大隊大隊長 林德興表示:「搜索到的時候,已經是發現明顯死亡。」



鄰居表示:「那對小孩很乖。(你聽他們喊才醒來?) 我以為在打架,不知道火災,我起來看,火就燒起來了。」

林姓屋主大兒子表示:「昨天晚上,我聽到爆炸聲音。(有爆炸聲音?) 我聽到很大聲,我就快點跑出來。(跑出來,火就燒起來了?) 嗯。」