Details of Triple Stimulus Vouchers Introduced on Official Website|振興三倍券官網上線 民眾可了解各項細節

The triple stimulus vouchers' official website went online on June 20. In the website, it presents detailed procedures on how consumers can take advantage of the vouchers via different payment methods. Let's take a look.

New Economic Affairs minister Wang Mei-hua takes over the official seal from her predecessor, Shen Jung-chin, who was recently promoted to vice premier. Wang's first major task at hand is to launch the "triple stimulus vouchers" to stimulate the slumping economy. The official website of the voucher program launched on Saturday, June 20, with details such as the time of launch, time of preorder, the compatible online payment platforms. The consumers will be able to order the vouchers in paper form between July 1 and July 7. They can also attach the vouchers to their credit cards and other e-payment platforms starting July 1, and will be able to redeem NT$2,000 if they spend more than NT$3,000 between July 15 and the end of the year. The official website also provides details on the stores that offers additional discount. The government doesn't rule out the possibility of allowing consumers to preorder the vouchers directly from the website in paper format or to add its value to credit cards.

We have set up channels that allow consumers to preorder the vouchers through the convenience stores and the supermarkets.

In an effort to encourage senior citizens to use e-payment platforms, Taipei has allowed senior citizen card holders to add the vouchers' value to their cards. The city government is also giving an additional NT$1,000 to each and every senior citizen card holder, on top of the voucher.

Why are we encouraging the senior citizen card holders (to use e-payment platforms)? Based on my own estimation, the pandemic could see another peak around the month of October. Therefore, we would like our senior citizens and people with disabilities to get use to using their cards (instead of cash).

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said that the city government is also looking to give additional fund to high school and vocational school students. The mayor said local schools will promote cashless shopping by building a complete e-shopping infrastructure. The mayor said the Taipei First Girls High School will be the first school to do a trial run of the system. He also said that the residents can pick up their vouchers at local post offices, convenience store as well as supermarkets.

從高升行政院副院長沈榮津手上,接下印信,經濟部次長王美花,正式接掌經濟部。上任後扛下的第一個工作,就是讓三倍券刺激內需,創造最大經濟效益。尤其三倍券官網,週六正式上線,並公布四大支付工具,預訂、或登入綁定時間。其中紙本券預訂,7月1號到7月7號、信用卡、電子票證、行動支付,7月1號登入綁定,7月15到年底前,只要消費滿三千,就會以回存或現金回饋方式,領取 2000 元。另外有哪業者、推出哪些加碼優惠,也能直接在官網比較,未來不排除,比照口罩領取方式,可在官網直接預訂紙本券、或綁定信用卡等。

經濟部長 王美花表示:「看我們那個預購的通路,官網裡面可以點選到超商、超市,去預購的這個機制,會有。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「為什麼讓這些長者,使用敬老卡?我認為,我自己的判斷,疫情可能會在10月再重返,所以我們在這之前,要讓長者或身障朋友,他使用這個卡習慣。」