DPP Planning to Propose Extraordinary Legislative Session|民進黨團擬6月下旬臨時會 處理3機關人事

The DPP is planning to hold an extraordinary session at the Legislative Yuan to discuss personnel appointments. Meanwhile, the New Power Party would like to use the session to deal with the issues of China Airlines' name change.

The Democratic Progressive Party legislative caucus recently submitted a proposal to Legislative Speaker Yu Shyi-kun to convene an extraordinary session at the end of June. Its aim is to hold confirmation hearings for the Control Yuan, National Communications Commission, and Examination Yuan. Meanwhile, the New Power Party would like to spend the extraordinary session trying to pass a referendum to change China Airlines' name, which has not been discussed for over a month. The NPP intends to issue a proposal on June 9 to deal with this issue during the extraordinary session.

We feel that the China Airlines name change and the Hong Kong regulations are both quite important. Perhaps they will be handled (during the extraordinary session).

We definitely support (the China Airlines name change). I believe Taiwan is already quite unanimous on this issue.

I think everyone knows that the China Airlines name change is a sensitive issue. Sometimes these require long-term planning.

The DPP admitted that the issues of name changes for China Airlines and passports are sensitive, and require careful assessments as well as communications with the Executive Yuan.

Meanwhile, the Kuomintang caucus focused on the Control Yuan, NCC, and Examination Yuan confirmation hearings, and said it will boycott the NCC confirmation hearing if it believes the candidate is unsuitable.

We will of course boycott and oppose any attempt to turn the NCC into the Eastern Depot. The important thing is that we don't have any predisposed position. We just want to see if the person they nominate is suitable for the job.

The Presidential Office has not yet announced its nominee to head the Control Yuan, but there are calls for it to nominate former Presidential Office Secretary-General Chen Chu. The KMT legislative caucus points out the Examination Yuan and Control Yuan are supposed to be independent bodies and the personnel must transcend political parties. It will offer comment after the nominees are announced and thoroughly vet the candidates.


時代力量立委 王婉諭表示:「剛剛提到的華航正名,或者港澳條例,我們都會…都覺得滿重要,有可能會在這部分(臨時會)做處理。」

民眾黨團總召 賴香伶表示:「這部分一定支持,(華航正名) 我們台灣在認同上面,實際上,我認為已經滿成熟了。」

民進黨團幹事長 鄭運鵬表示:「華航改名的事情,我相信大家都知道敏感度,有時候需要長期規劃。」



國民黨團總召 林為洲表示:「如果是NCC要出來,當東廠打手,我們當然一定全力杯葛反對,主要我們沒有預設立場,要看它提出來的人選,適不適當。」