First Squid Fishing Boat Arrives in Kaohsiung|首艘魷釣船佶洋號 今早返抵前鎮漁港

Starting at the end of May, nearly 100 squid boats began returning to Kaohsiung to unload. Nearly 5,000 fisheries workers came on shore, which poses a challenge to pandemic control. On May 29, foreign workers from the first boat, Jyi Yang, were tested for COVID-19 and transferred to quarantine. Central Epidemic Command Center Deputy Commander headed south to oversee the operations.

Foreign fishermen are thrilled to be welcomed back to shore by Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu. Around 4,650 returning fishermen that have been working offshore for close to six months will undergo 14 days of quarantine in Kaohsiung in the next few months. Central Epidemic Command Center Deputy Commander Chen Tsung-yen went to Kaohsiung to oversee operations when the first boat arrived.

We will have two waves of oceanic fishing boats with up to 5,000 crew members returning to shore. Border prevention is very important.

Close to 100 squid fishing vessels will be returning to Kaohsiung from the end of May to July. The first to arrive was the Jyi Yang, which has a crew of 52. Of this number, 48 are foreign workers.

In the next 14 days, the foreign affairs sections of our police bureau will step up security measures around the quarantine sites.

The Kaohsiung City Marine Bureau says with up to 1,600 fishery workers returning to shore at the same time in the near future, the Tourism Bureau will help increase the number of available quarantine rooms to 2,800.

During the quarantine period, the foreign crew members will get a per-person subsidy of NT$1,000 per day. The Tourism Bureau will also subsidize NT$1,000 to quarantine sites.

The Kaohsiung City Department of Health will be responsible for disinfecting the fishing boats and harbor area.


中央流行疫情指揮中心副指揮官 陳宗彥表示:「有兩波遠洋漁船會進港,總人數大概是在四千多人,到五千左右,邊境防疫是很重要的一環。」


高雄市衛生局長 林立人表示:「我們警察局的外事科,這邊未來的14天,會加強做防疫旅館,周遭的安全警戒。」


高雄市海洋局副局長 黃登福表示:「農委會漁業署也同意外籍船員,在檢疫期間,每天每人補助新台幣一千塊。那防疫旅館部分,觀光局也有補助一千塊。」