Mandarin Oriental Taipei to Lay Off Over 200 Employees|台北文華東方擬裁逾2百人 6/1起暫停訂房

Global hotel chain Mandarin Oriental is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It had already announced in March that it was cutting the wages of staff across the globe or placing them on unpaid leave. However, on May 27, in a surprising move, the Mandarin Oriental Taipei announced that it will no longer accept reservations starting June 1 and announced that it will lay off 212 employees on June 7.

Please do not enter. Please leave.

A Mandarin Oriental Taipei security guard prevents reporters from entering the hotel. When reporters asked employees about the news that the hotel is set to lay off employees, they were referred to the hotel's management. The news came as a shock to everyone, including employees who have worked at the hotel for six years already. They said they were only notified on May 27 that their final day of work is June 7.

When is your last day? It appears to be June 7. When did you receive the notice? The media was only notified yesterday (May 27). Yesterday.

There aren't changes in other departments. The layoff appears to be primarily affecting the rooms division.

The hotel announced that it will no longer provide guest room services, and is set to lay off 212 employees on June 7. The Mandarin Oriental Taipei employs 863 people, including around 500 in the hotel division. It previously dismissed 39 people, meaning the total number of laid off employees is 251. As this is considered to be a mass layoff, the hotel is required to comply with regulations protecting laborers. Taipei City's Department of Labor says negotiations are currently underway between management and laborers, and the hotel must carry out the layoffs in accordance with related regulations.

We would have liked them to conform to the 60-day notice requirement. If they continue to insist on doing it their way, we will of course fine them for violating the 60-day notice requirement.

The Tourism Bureau has financial relief packages, but the Mandarin Oriental did not apply for them. Perhaps they have their own considerations related to their operating strategy.

Transportation and Communications Minister Lin Chia-lung said this is considered to be a mass layoff, and therefore the Ministry of Labor will get involved with the negotiations. He added that an exit mechanism is available and he respects the right of businesses to decide to lay off employees.



記者 vs. 文華東方住房部員工:「 (做到什麼時候?) 基本上好像是6月7號吧!(你什麼時候接獲通知?因為我們媒體接獲通知是昨天(5/27)。) 昨天啊...」

記者 vs. 文華東方工作人員:「(是其他員工不變,都沒有任何異動?) 我們其實基本上,(裁員)大部分是針對住房的部分。」


台北市府勞動局長 陳信瑜表示:「我們也希望,他其實是可以符合這個,60天這個通報的程序啦!他還是堅持是這樣的話,我們當然一定開罰啊!因為他就是違反了,那個60天(前)通報的程序。」

交通部長 林佳龍表示:「在交通部觀光局的方面,我們都有紓困的方案,可是"文華東方"他們並沒有來申請,也許他們,有他們經營策略上的考量。」