Anti-Han Resident Accuses Borough Chief of Breaking Law|領投票通知單.選舉公報須簽名 里長遭質疑

M. Chuang
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The recall vote against Han Kuo-yu is nearing. Neighborhood and borough chiefs have started handing out ballot notifications and election notices. However, a Cianjhen District borough chief is now being accused of asking residents to sign their names for their ballots, which means this could leak the names of voters, causing concern.

When neighborhood chiefs make the rounds to distribute ballot and election notices, they stick a note on the door of residents who aren't home telling them where they can pick up their notices. One resident is complaining about having to go to the borough chief's office to get his notices, saying it's like a sign on his forehead that he wants to recall Han Kuo-yu.

This is a Han-style scam. Asking borough residents to fill out (their name) before we can pick up our notice is basically forcing residents to display our ballot for everyone to see.

The resident said being made to sign for his notices violates the Civil Servant Election and Recall Act. In response, the borough chief he accused said the system is in place because ballot notices left in mailboxes often go missing, and the system has been in place for years.

We distribute (notices) to every household based on household registration registers. When I give you your ballot, you sign your name to acknowledge receipt. That's all it is.

This is not my first term as borough chief. This is how it's been done in every election during my (three-term) tenure. I don't have anything to hide. Secondly, picking up your notice does not mean you're going to vote.

The borough chief says he is currently in his third term and the standard operating procedure has always been the same. People that don't want to sign their name can simply leave a checkmark. The Kaohsiung City Election Commission, meanwhile, confirmed this practice is not illegal and does not violate any laws.


高雄市三川里長 莊晉勳表示:「搞起這種韓式詐欺,要求里民要填寫(姓名),才能夠領取我們的表單,這根本就是變相讓里民強制亮票。」

一路支持罷韓的里長收到民眾陳情,認為簽名才能領取相關通知,是反罷韓奧步,此舉涉嫌違反選罷法,而遭控的里長則反駁說:把投票通知單放在信箱後,常發生遺失狀況,才會請鄰長發送時, 要請民眾簽收,每回選舉都是這樣的模式。

高雄市興東里鄰長 羅照諒表示:「他名冊給我們,我們就一戶一戶,我發給你,簽個名,讓我可以交差,這樣而已。」

高雄市興東里長 陳建銘表示:「我不是第一屆當里長,我是歷屆來只要選舉,我都會這樣,我覺得我問心無愧。第二點,你說領到通知單,選舉公告,那個不代表他願意要不要投。」