Tsai "Ignores" 1992 Consensus in Inaugural Speech|總統就職未提九二共識 中國回嗆一中原則

It's been reported that China has been angered by President Tsai's inaugural speech, in which she did not use the term "1992 Consensus." In response, Mainland Affairs Minister Chen Ming-tong said "history has already turned the page" and urged China to catch up. He also promised that Tsai is determined to resolve the cross-strait issue in her second term just like in her first term.

President Tsai Ing-wen did not say the words "1992 Consensus" in her inaugural speech on May 20. China was dissatisfied, and responded with the one China principle. This caused Mainland Affairs Minister Chen Ming-tong to retort that "history has already turned the page." When asked about China's insistence on the 1992 Consensus, he responded that Taiwan will wait until they catch up.

I already said yesterday that history has already turned the page with regards to the 1992 Consensus. There's no need to say anything else. (China doesn't appear to have turned the page yet.) Then we'll have to wait for them to catch up.

The government is preparing to amend the constitution. Former National Security Council Secretary-General Su Chi warned that this will raise the two-country doctrine to a climax. Chen did not share this viewpoint.

I have no comment on him. (Are there worries that the committee amending the constitution will provoke cross-strait tensions?) I urge him not to live in the past.

Chen attended an interpellation with the legislature's Internal Administration Committee, where he delivered a report on new prospects for cross-strait relations. He followed the line set by the Tsai administration, and also said it appears cross-strait relations cannot go back to how they were over the next four years. China is using both the carrot and stick against Taiwan. A Democratic Progressive Party legislator said Chen should respond accordingly.

Can you accept this? No. No? Let me say one thing to committee members, Taiwan should not give in to Chinese pressure no matter how small it is.

The 1992 Consensus, the consensus, is it the one China principle, each side free to interpret it as they wish, as of today they're still fighting over this and no consensus has been reached, so the basis of cross-strait relations can't be placed on something that each side is free to interpret. Why is something with legal binding not valued?

Chen said Tsai is determined to resolve the cross-strait issue in her second term just like in her first term. She will comply with the constitution and the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, which he claimed is the best foundation for exchanges.


陸委會主委 陳明通表示:「"九二共識"我昨天已經講了,歷史翻過一頁了,沒有需要再去討論它。(但中國好像還沒翻頁?) 那等他們跟上來吧。」


陸委會主委 陳明通表示:「我對他沒有什麼評論。(會擔心修憲委員會會造成挑起兩岸的敏感神經?)我勸他不要活在…還是活在歷史的過去。」


陸委會主委 陳明通 vs. 民進黨立委 王美惠表示:「(你這口氣吞的下去嗎?) 受不了! (受不了喔?) 跟委員報告一句話,雞屎落土也有三寸煙。」

陸委會主委 陳明通表示:「什麼"九二共識",什麼共識的,到底是一中原則?一中各表?到現在吵到沒有共識,不能把兩岸的這種基礎,放在一個各說各話的情況。為什麼要把一個有法律約束力的東西,不那麼重視呢?」