Police Break Up Protests on Inauguration Day|就職典禮維安 針對抗議活動設抬離小組

To avoid protests during President Tsai Ing-wen's inauguration ceremony, the Taipei City Police mobilized over 600 police officers around the venue of the ceremony. As for other important locations, such as Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the Legislative Yuan, dedicated police force has also been dispatched, responsible for removing protestors when necessary. The protestors called on Tsai to actually implement promised judicial reforms and transitional justice in her second term.

Demonstrators perform a coffin dance against President Tsai Ing-wen during her second inauguration ceremony on May 20. Police said the protestors did not have a permit to congregate and told them to leave.

The protestors were not happy about the police physically surrounding them but left Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to continue their protest at Taipei Guest House.

I am a university professor. I've had students tell me, "Professor, we bought doctoral diplomas from the London School of Economics and Political Science on Taobao. Do you want one too?" I told them, yeah, they don't need to keep going to school then.

The protestors called on Tsai to actually implement promised judicial reforms and transitional justice in her second term. Demonstrators from the "Third Force" political party alliance, meanwhile, eventually ended up at the Legislative Yuan, where they criticized Tsai for once again taking over the reins of the DPP. They said Tsai's focus should be on the economy and saving Taiwan.

You're a president, so you should be president of all the people and not just of the Democratic Progressive Party and the pan-green camp. President Tsai Ing-wen, do better in cross-strait relations for the Taiwanese business community and the Taiwanese people. Maintain a good relationship with China and replace civic platforms with civic dialogue.

The groups also raised their eyebrows at the idea outgoing Presidential Secretary-General Chen Chu might take over the top post at the Control Yuan, saying she is unqualified. On the cross-strait relations front, the groups called on Tsai to resume dialogue with China to protect the rights of the millions of Taiwanese businesspersons with business interests in China.



中正理工學院電機博士 曾淼泓表示:「我是一個大學教授,我在我的教室裡面,學生跟我講說,老師,我們要倫敦大學政經學院的博士文憑,我們上淘寶網買,老師,你要不要我幫你買一張?我說,對啦,你們根本不需要去讀書。」


第三勢力政黨聯盟主席團主席 黃正忠表示:「你竟然是一個總統,就應該是全民的總統,而不是只是民進黨的總統,綠營的總統。請蔡英文總統,為了台商及台灣人民,要跟大陸好好互動、交流協商,最好是民共和談,取代民共論壇。」