Tsai Sworn In as 15th President of the Republic of China|蔡英文.賴清德 宣誓就任第15任正副總統

Tsai Ing-wen and William Lai were inaugurated on May 20, becoming the 15th-term president and vice president of the Republic of China. This is the official start of Tsai's second term. Due to the pandemic, the ceremony was simplified and the inaugural address was given at Taipei Guest House for the first time. Tsai talked about her four top focuses, including industrial development, social stability, national security and stronger democracy.

I do solemnly and sincerely swear before the people of the whole country that I will observe the Constitution and faithfully perform my duties.

Tsai Ing-wen and William Lai were sworn in as, respectively, the 15th president and vice president of the Republic of China on the 20th.

Should I, William Lai, break my oath, I shall be willing to submit myself to severe punishment by the State. This is my solemn oath.

Incoming Tsai administration officials including Presidential Secretary-General Su Jia-chyuan and National Security Council Secretary-General Wellington Koo officially took over their new posts. In light of the pandemic, the inaugural speech was delivered at Taipei Guest House for the first time in history.

Welcome Madam President. Welcome Vice President Lai.

In her speech, Tsai said her top four priorities were industrial development, social stability, national security and stronger democracy. She also thanked citizens for their part in Taiwan's success in fighting the pandemic.

I want to thank every single person who waited in line outside of the pharmacy in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for trusting the government. From January to now, Taiwan has amazed the international community twice. The first was our democratic elections, and the second was our success in the fight against COVID-19.

Tsai said" growth in stability" and "taking advantage of opportunities in a sea of change" would be the keys to economic development and she would continue implementing her Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Project, trillion-dollar investment plan and other initiatives.

In terms of industrial development, we are going to take advantage of the opportunities before us in six core strategic industries founded on our 5+2 Innovative Industries Program, to transform Taiwan into a critical force in the global economy.

Tsai's six core strategic industries, aimed at achieving self-sufficiency and national development, are the information and digital, 5G and digital transformation, biotech and medical technology, national defense and strategic, green energy and renewable energy, and strategic stockpile industries.

總統 蔡英文:「總統誓詞,余謹以至誠,向全國人民宣誓,余必遵守憲法盡忠職務。」


副總統 賴清德:「如違誓言,願受國家嚴厲之制裁,謹誓,宣誓人賴清德。」




總統 蔡英文表示:「我要謝謝每一個在防疫初期,在藥房門口排隊的台灣人民,謝謝你們的耐心,以及謝謝你們對政府的信任。從一月到現在,台灣連續兩次,讓國際社會驚豔;第一次,是我們的民主選舉。第二次,則是我們防疫的成績。」


總統 蔡英文表示:「在產業發展方面,我們更要抓住時機,在5+2產業創新的既有基礎上,打造六大核心戰略產業,讓台灣成為未來全球經濟的關鍵力量。」


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