Whale Pod Refuses to Cooperate and Leave Port|7小虎鯨困高雄港15天 專家援救未果

Seven pygmy killer whales have been in the waters off of the Port of Kaohsiung for 15 straight days. To rescue them, experts from the National Cheng Kung University tried to inject anesthesia into one of the less active whales. However, the whale unexpectedly became more active and attempted to attack the experts with its peers.

It took Coast Guard personnel four attempts with a blowgun to successfully inject anesthesia into a pygmy killer whale.

The result was unexpected. The whale became more active, and the six others accompanying it sensed that something was wrong, and surfaced out of the water to try and attack Ocean Conservation Administration personnel.

It is difficult to remove it from the pod, because the other whales are very protective and they will make threatening motions such as jumping out of the water or slapping the surface.

On May 4, seven pygmy killer whales unexpectedly approached the Port of Kaohsiung's No. 100 pier. The pier is used by China Steel Corporation to load and unload vessels. The OCA immediately issued an announcement warning incoming and outgoing vessels to remain alert. Meanwhile, attempts to entice the whales with food or administer anesthesia in order to relocate the pod back into deeper waters all failed.

It has begun raining heavily in the south. Let's see if the weather will entice them to leave the port.

China Steel Corporation said large vessels are manually piloted into the port, and therefore will not endanger the whales. Pygmy killer whales are a communal animal, and will attack as a pod if there is danger to any single whale. At present, conservation personnel can only bide their time and monitor the animals to find an opportunity.



海保署副署長 吳龍靜表示:「從這個群體當中,移出來的話,會有困難,因為其他這種小虎鯨,這種保護行為太明顯,跳出水面,拍打水面,這種威脅的動作。」


成大生物暨鯨豚保育中心主任 王浩文表示:「南部也開始下大雨了,看在這天候情況之下,牠們會有離港情況。」