FSC Chair Wellington Koo to Transition to National Security Council|顧立雄首度證實 將接掌國安會秘書長

Surprising many, it has been announced that Wellington Koo, the current head of the Financial Supervisory Commission, will take over as the secretary general of the National Security Council.

Life is full of surprises, and it seems like I'm switching to another lane. I served as a lawyer for 30 years, and I've seen lots of changes in my four years as a politician.

Financial Supervisory Commission Chairperson Wellington Koo said he gets somewhat emotional when thinking about the drastic changes he has encountered so far in his political career. He said he was the target of considerable backlash when he first took over as the head of the FSC, but he persisted for the last two years and eight months. He said vice chairperson of the FSC, Huang Tien-mu, has a lot of experience and will take over as the new chairperson.

Were you trying to do something great, and just jumped to a higher position half-way through? I'm really happy that FSC Vice-Chairperson Huang Tien-mu will take over as chairperson and that we won't have to pick a fresh face.

Wellington Koo was a lawyer before transitioning into a career in politics. He serviced as legislator at large for the DPP, and later on as the first chairperson of the DPP's Ill-Gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee. With no background in finance, Koo served as the head of the Financial Supervisory Commission, and now, in a surprise development, he will take over as the secretary general of the National Security Council. He recently confirmed the news before any official announcement. Koo also said that he acknowledges the criticism about his lack of expertise in diplomatic relations and national defense when taking over a senior position at the National Security Council. He responded to such criticism saying that nobody knows everything and that he has two main tasks after taking office.

Nobody knows it all. I believe, as the new secretary general, I will be tackling two main tasks. I will make sure to brief president with information on national security issues, and I'll work with all departments on these issues and to reorganize the staff members. I think this could be a major challenge after I take office.

There have been reports that Koo and Premier Su Tseng-chang had a major quarrel over their differences on the government's subsidy package for the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that Koo left the Financial Supervisory Commission after the fallout. Koo rejected the report, saying that his work at the FSC has been acknowledged by Su and that he joined the National Security Council upon request by President Tsai Ing-wen.

On the other hand, Presidential Office Secretary General Chen Chu will see changes in her position after May 20. Chen recently posted a photo of her along with President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice President Chen Chien-jen and upcoming Vice President William Lai. In the post, she said that Taiwan will enter a new phase, and that in order to help providing the President with more space to operate, Chen will be leaving her post at the Presidential Office. President Tsai also posted a photo of her and Chen Chu and expressed her gratitude towards Chen for supporting her through her most difficult days. Many speculate that Su Jia-chyuan, former Legislative Yuan speaker, will take over Chen's position as secretary general at the Presidential Office.

金管會主委 顧立雄表示:「人生也都充滿了驚奇,看起來又要轉換到另外一個跑道。我本來當了三十幾年律師,那這四年的從政生涯,轉變會這麼大。」


國民黨立委 賴士葆 vs. 金管會主委 顧立雄表示:「(會不會有想做哪幾件偉大的事情,沒有做完,然後就要高升?) 很高興這個我們有黃副主委來接手,不用再面對一個路人甲。」


金管會主委 顧立雄表示:「沒有人能夠是一個全才,在國安會我想秘書長任務,主要就是說就國安議題,做好一個,提供總統一個資訊的工作,然後另外涉及國安相關議題,要去跟各部會協調。那我想國安團隊,要如何能夠在重新來整隊,我想這可能是,我上任以來,應該要面臨的一個課題。」



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