Should AC be Turned On in Classrooms amid COVID-19?|校園防疫 天熱備戰會考不開冷氣受關注

AC or no AC? That is the question facing school management and students, especially when the Comprehensive Assessment for Junior High Students is taking place next week. Some worry the high temperature and weather conditions will affect students' performances, while others think turning on the AC and keeping windows closed might increase test takers' risk of infection.

Students turn on the air conditioning, then close the windows. But on closer inspection one can see that the windows are not closed fully, with a 10 centimeters gap. The front and back doors also remain open. Several electrical fans are also helping to cool down the classroom. It is advised to keep the air circulate indoors due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Comprehensive Assessment of Junior High students is taking place next week, therefore schools are turning on the air conditioning and opening the windows to provide a comfortable studying environment for the students and prepare them to familiarize with how the Assessment will proceed.
We turn on the AC and open the windows so that the indoor temperature is lower.

The Comprehensive Assessment requires students to wear face masks at all times during the test with the windows opened and the AC turned on. We are preparing the Grade 9 students to adapt to the rules and the environment.

The Tainan Education Bureau leaves the decision of whether to turn on the air conditioning system to the schools, but still reminds the schools to take preventative measures. When asked about whether to install ACs in all examination halls, the Tainan Education Bureau said it will not consider this option at the moment; however schools could still propose the need to the Bureau to evaluate.

We still hope everyone can exercise the preventative measures amid the pandemic. We hope the classroom windows stay opened and use electrical fans to cool down as the best preventative measure. We will consider installing AC systems in certain classrooms which are located on the top floors without any heat-proof installations.

There has been zero local infection cases for 3 weeks, Tainan Mayor Huang wei-cher thus has decided to open the public elementary and junior high schools to the public during non-school hours from May 7th to allow people who are used to exercising in schools, able to return to normal lives. But he still reminds the public to remain social distancing and keep the school campus safe.



後甲國中校長 陳瑞榮表示:「教育會考的考場規定,全程戴口罩、開窗、開冷氣,那我們現在讓三年級的同學,能夠及早的去適應,會考的考場的規定跟環境。」


台南市教育局副局長 吳國珉表示:「但是我們是希望,大家在防疫期間,可以共體時艱,我們是希望還是以窗戶打開,以電風扇的方式,是最好的防疫措施。一些教室環境,如果它在最高樓層,然後上面沒有做防熱的一些設施,那教室比較熱,我們可能會考慮優先裝設。」